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  • AlexWillms said 294 weeks ago

    Interesting colour scheme.

  • AlexWillms said 294 weeks ago

    Ah, I was trying to take the place of the stampede of "first"-ers, without actually saying it. But the colour scheme really is interesting.
  • eludingsun said 294 weeks ago

    i'm not much of a dragon gal, but the colour scheme is pretty interesting.
  • eludingsun said 294 weeks ago

    i was too, AlexWillms. We both kinda of failed. But it's ok. We are closer to it.
  • Palivizumab said 294 weeks ago


    It does seem kind of lop-sided to me, though. But then again that is probably because it's poorly shopped onto that girl's shirt.
  • nobahdi said 294 weeks ago

    I definitely love the color, but do all the shirts have a copyright in them?
  • eludingsun said 294 weeks ago

    Palivizumb, being a stampede isn't good when it comes to trying to stop first-ies.

    but, i do agree, the girls shirt does look quite lop-sided, but it might just be the placement they used on the model.
  • Palivizumab said 294 weeks ago

    Who thinks stampedes are good?

    I like the wood-ish dragon on the side art is cooler than the one on the shirt....
  • Shmapty said 294 weeks ago

    Soweto...great song. I'm not a dragon kind of guy, but I like the one on the right. It's simple. I like simple. I'm simple. How fun.
  • phoenixgirrl said 294 weeks ago

    oh, pretty! I love dragons, and this is really well done. I'm weighing wants vs needs...
  • eludingsun said 294 weeks ago

    Palizizumab, i guess you're right about that too.

    and the wood one is pretty cool, but i don't think either would be a buy for me.
  • Palivizumab said 294 weeks ago

    This one is most definitely a need, then.
  • RequiemX said 294 weeks ago

    Like the general idea, though it has the potential to be heavy on the tee.
  • dudley53 said 294 weeks ago

    Simple? Yeh, this is simple and nice.
  • roboroller said 294 weeks ago

    that raven off to the side is f-in' DOPE.
  • necrophyte said 294 weeks ago

    I'm a Dragon (Chinese Zodiac)! xD If only they were twin dragons (I'm a Gemini)... >,>

    Heck, I'm getting one anyway.
  • drsilverworm said 294 weeks ago

    any variation of the phrase "interesting color scheme" now automatically means "FIRST!!1"
  • mrdavenport said 294 weeks ago

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    dont like the fact that there is a copyright on the shirt. im liking the color scheme but this isnt for me. thats ok though because i just bought yesterday's tee.
  • necrophyte said 294 weeks ago

    The " SHERRIE THAI" is making me hesitate.

    Not that I blame artists for wanting to protect their work from being ripped off, by all means stick your watermarks on your deviantart uploads, but, we ARE paying for this, so you are already getting credit. Note to future TeeFury tee-designers-to-be.

    And, if you have to put it on there, at least make it so that it's not an eyesore.

    I swear I'm gonna flip if this post gets deleted or modified.
  • TBS3311 said 294 weeks ago

    I don't see a copyright sign on the shirt.
  • peppersagooddog said 294 weeks ago

    ok i had to stare at this a long while, and normally i make my decisions in less than 10 minutes...
    the colors on this NEARLY made me buy even though i had reservations about other stuff, but the other stuff won out im afraid.
    to ME it looks to have been "cut out" from a complete design, and not with much care. although i understand the capabilities of a reticulated reptile, it still feels bent wrong. as for the copyrighted issue, hey im the first to say tag your work... but dammit make it fit into the design.
    so, with much regret, i must pass this time :(
  • afrieds said 294 weeks ago

    it must be tough for these models to pose in the exact same way every day with a different shirt.
  • Gimmik said 294 weeks ago

    meow, looks something I would buy at Pennies.. : \ Not a fan of this at all.
  • hempy said 294 weeks ago

    I love me some Hieroglyphics. :)
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