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  • FlashyArse said 293 weeks ago

    Dammit. Haha.
  • eludingsun said 293 weeks ago

    i hate white, dig the idea.
  • deepsea said 293 weeks ago

    Love it glad to see some art. The skulls and animal head shots were getting old.
  • caseyjack said 293 weeks ago

    eludingsun......that's a little racist....
  • matt2kool said 293 weeks ago

    i like the colors
  • papaC said 293 weeks ago

    i like this a lot, it reminds me of home...
  • safecf said 293 weeks ago

  • moral savvy said 293 weeks ago

    I'd just like to say that I really like this, and I really wish that I had 11 dollars.
  • H3llM4rine said 293 weeks ago

    Nice shirt! Looks like Sarasota, Florida--which is where I'm from.
    I really like your style in all your work posted on this site on that side bar and the gradient coloring in this work especially.
  • Arrow said 293 weeks ago

    Nice colors, Congrats on the print! Also good on ya for saving a kitten from the shelter.
  • SirFenwick said 293 weeks ago

    I'd get it, but not with the people in it.
  • Crushem said 293 weeks ago

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    Love the colours & they picked the right coloured tee as well! Great job :)
  • redstickman said 293 weeks ago

    Not digging the shirt currently for sale, but your work in the right margin is real nice. The sea creatures one I'd get for myself, and the cat one would be for my g/f. Do you have somewhere I could get these shirts?
  • kittycavalier64 said 293 weeks ago

    i really like this, but have no money. maybe i'll get it tomorrow morning... :/
  • Floipoid said 293 weeks ago

    Hey, this is pretty okay.
  • point9fathoms said 293 weeks ago

    They put some of these up in my hometown a couple years back. Little ones, but still. They depress me. I wish I wasn't between addresses or I'd get this.
  • jewelwing said 293 weeks ago

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    Thanks for the comments. This is my first print here so that's pretty cool.
    I was in South Florida when I came up with this and they definitely have no lack of condos there. People have to have a place to live, but the crazy thing now is that with the economy the way it is a lot of them are mostly empty.
    If you're interested in the designs on the side, just go to my portfolio and you can see which ones are available for sale. Thanks guys!
  • Nula said 293 weeks ago

    Not my wearing style, but EXCELLENT idea. It looks like Waikiki beach to me, which is still freaking incredible, but oh so built up. The Honolulu area is very depressing when you put a little too much thought into it. I was listening to a woman talk about the environmental problems Hawaii was facing on the radio (which are extensive) and the interviewer asked her how average people could help, and the woman said "DON'T COME HERE!".

    Food for thought.
  • Stormink said 293 weeks ago

    That illustration is killer! Really nice stuff man and great concept too! Thanks TeeFury!
  • thejakeyl88 said 293 weeks ago

    Not too into white, but love the design! On first look, the way the colors are, it just made my eyes follow up the buildings. Pretty cool shirt... But I just can't get white.
  • robtl400 said 293 weeks ago

    really love the cat for some reason... something about the line work around the head and ears.. keep up the great work and congrats on the print.. think i may be in for one.. ill have to sleep on it
  • gaby99 said 293 weeks ago

    i like everything except the people on the beach
    at least the Tee's on this site are getting good again
  • Gimmik said 293 weeks ago

    I like this shirt a lot. Great style.
    The people on the shirt is a bit much though.
  • Stormink said 293 weeks ago

    Let me just say, contrary to what other people are saying, without the people this shirt would not be complete.
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