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That's right, first again. -


  • scottishpenguin said 293 weeks ago

  • eludingsun said 293 weeks ago

    i like it, great colours..
    but i will have to think on it,
    it's not something i'd usually wear.

    ps. happy to see models!
  • dudley53 said 293 weeks ago

    Crazy cool.
  • roboroller said 293 weeks ago

    this is rad, i would totally buy this if I had the ability.
  • AlexWillms said 293 weeks ago

    Sixth! Yes! (Sarcasm of course)

    Nice to see this on a shirt after watching it in the forums for a while. My opinion is that I would rather put it on my wall than on a shirt, but either way, from a design point of view it's really great.
  • eludingsun said 293 weeks ago

    i think i agree with AlexWillms, it'd be an awesome print of the wall, but it's still a nice design.
  • icecube said 293 weeks ago

    I remember seeing it in the forums, cool design.
  • peppersagooddog said 293 weeks ago

    WTG crushem!
    i had a feeling they would print this one when i saw it ;)
  • HairyLump said 293 weeks ago

    Designs like this are why I joined this site. Unique, artistic, not typical. Well done.
  • heuilleman said 293 weeks ago

    people who say " FIRST "has no life ! Chadlonius ... you have no life :P

    seriously , its realy annoying...
  • Stormink said 293 weeks ago

    Lack of artistic ability?! Whachu talkin' 'bout Crushem?! That is not true. I'm diggin this designs idea and execution. Very good! Props! Thank you for not being typical as HairyLump says. (Felt awkward to say your name Hairy.)

    And thanks for the warnings about unicorns.
  • Chadlonius said 293 weeks ago

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    realy is spelled "really" heuilleman but thanks for your input.
  • enin said 293 weeks ago

    nice, crushem!

    i dig your style
  • niveditavidula said 293 weeks ago

    Wow! This is a really fantastic design! I wish I had the funds to afford to buy it... (You know you are in trouble when a $9 t-shirt is too much money to spend!)
  • Fat Possom said 293 weeks ago

    Atta Boy Tee Fury. This is the kind of stuff I know you guys can do. Excellent colors, excellent artwork. I feel like the artist AND Tee Fury have put together something that really shows what both parties are capable of. You pushed your own envelope with this one. I totally dig the art on the side as well. Hooked yourself a new fan Crushem. Fat Possom likes.
  • stealthypancake said 293 weeks ago

    first ... aw
  • sawbones84 said 293 weeks ago

    awesome design
  • Arrow said 293 weeks ago

    When you first posted this and mentioned a lack of artistic skillz. I didn't know what to say, because this is SERIOUS skill!
  • Merovingian said 293 weeks ago

    Wow. This is one bad shirt! I'm definitely wearing this one.

    great job.
  • wotto said 293 weeks ago

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    Nice choice MJ ;)
  • erichitscar said 293 weeks ago

    I SO want the corporate zombie club to be printed on a shirt! Please?
  • 2thFairy said 293 weeks ago

    Excellent shirt! I will anxiously await delivery. Congrats, Crushem!
  • AttilaTheMom said 293 weeks ago

    very cool design.
  • sidewinder72 said 293 weeks ago

    i told you, i told you, i told you....ha ha....and you were worried about your illy capabilities....i want to see more "hidden images" designs. this rocks!
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