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Dragon of the Sea


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first! good to see an archive on here now! thanks for all the support at The Dead Bird Archive!


  • SlippyBog said 292 weeks ago

  • CasE said 292 weeks ago

    I like the design.
  • Recycledwax said 292 weeks ago

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    I sens Jimiyo as a art curator! :) Nice pick!
  • Tesko said 292 weeks ago

    Cool shirt - not to sure it's for me though.
    However.. I am LOVING the bull vs. bear shirt on the right.. I know A LOT of people that would either buy it or that I would get it for (i work in the financial industry).
    Also.. the middle one "You're so vain" is stunning.. definitely on my wish list.
  • peppersagooddog said 292 weeks ago

  • nix said 292 weeks ago

  • Tesko said 292 weeks ago

    wtf dude - that was seriously obnoxious.
  • eludingsun said 292 weeks ago

    ok, seriously i'm sick of the childish stuff on this site. no needs for 'Gargamel', or a row of dots all down the page. some people just disappoint me. *sigh*
  • vynguyen91 said 292 weeks ago

    Righteous shirt.

    Where did the shirt models go?
  • eludingsun said 292 weeks ago

    but regarding the design, another great shirt. i really like the that this is the fifth really great shirt in a row, in my opinion! this design isn't really for me, but you can tell it has a lot of work put into it. nice job castle!
  • nix said 292 weeks ago

    That was quick.

    I just wanted to see what would happen since people always try to put "First!" and nothing happens to them.

    I don't give a smurf what you think about me.
  • heartluce said 292 weeks ago

    Really love the shirt and your art.
  • enin said 292 weeks ago

    you have some great work, castle
  • dcastle8183 said 292 weeks ago

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    Heya y'all, thanks for the positive comments so far! I'm excited to be featued on teefury.

    nix.. hugs and kisses!
  • kizat said 292 weeks ago

    this shirt is awesome... the work on the side is also beautiful! I can't wait til January when I can start buying stuff for myself again. haha.

    Also, the links on the sidebar aren't working for me. :(
  • jeremiah was a said 292 weeks ago

    great shirt, colours might not float my boat
    but it still looks awesome
  • jimiyo said 292 weeks ago

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    Everyone's buying this shirt right? Cause its top quality art. Frickin awesome!
  • thejakeyl88 said 292 weeks ago

    Mean @$$ dragon like that deserves to be on my chest! In for one!

    Sorry I had to miss out on your shirt Jimiyo, your work is fantastic. I always like what you put up and I can appreciate your style. I only have "We've Upgraded" so I really need to get my hands on some more of your work.

    Anyway, I like the color combo here on this print. Teefury is amazing!
  • HairyLump said 292 weeks ago

    Nice. I really like the traditional tattoo flavor of your designs. I need more $$ to buy shirts.
  • snarkygal said 292 weeks ago

    Since I bought your shirt last night Jimi, I can't buy tonite's LOL. It is my 7th Jimiyo shirt.

    But tonite's shirt is quite awesome, and I hope we will see more from this talented artist in the future.
  • OpenIntro said 292 weeks ago

    whoever is editing the comments, please don't add links to my (or others) comments. that's not right. the links are already on the right.
  • Crushem said 292 weeks ago

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    Man I love this artist style!
  • dudley53 said 292 weeks ago

    Love the art and the shirt color.
  • safecf said 292 weeks ago

    this ownz. good colors. bought.
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