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  • eludingsun said 295 weeks ago

    not for me, but 'cute' i guess.
  • AlexWillms said 295 weeks ago

    Is it just me, or is there a sudden increase in, well, un-constructive criticism?

    I think, from a design point of view, this is good. It's up to each person whether they want to wear it of course... but you can't say it's "lame". Would be a great kids shirt too.
  • opifan64 said 295 weeks ago

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    awesome! always love your work
  • IAmTheBorg said 295 weeks ago

    That's pretty adorable, and I'm always a fan of the turquoise shirt. Nice job!
  • daveconrey said 295 weeks ago

    Adorable is exactly what I DON'T want in a tshirt.
  • Aegis said 295 weeks ago

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    yeah, alex- not sure but the "lame" comments are just insipid. After 60+ positives, somone said my last design "sucked like high school art". This of course came from a goon with a skull-with-wings avatar; I assume the irony was lost on him.

    I like this caterpillar. It reminds me a bit of the "steamboat willie" style that launched the lame and unprofitable "mickey mouse" franchise.
  • paulkremer said 295 weeks ago

    I like your style, WanderingBert. This particular shirt isn't for me, but I just wore "Finding Technicolor" a few days ago, and everyone loved it! :) Keep up the good work!
  • Crushem said 295 weeks ago

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    This is a sweet design! Also here's something freaky, I'm from Hamilton & I freakin love Samurai Jack!...weird :P
  • ihatemydent said 294 weeks ago

    The running dude and the bold outline remind me of Keith Harring.
  • minesweeper said 294 weeks ago

    I really like this.

    I have the Discovery of Technicolor shirt, off on the side, I love it.
  • thejakeyl88 said 294 weeks ago

    Finding Technicolor is my favorite shirt. Yet I somehow managed to get a bleach spot on it when I don't even have any bleach in this house and have NEVER had bleach spots in my clothes before. :-/
  • mrdavenport said 294 weeks ago

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    first of all, i agree with alex. I find this website amazingly better than woot for many reasons, but one of the main ones is that all the designs seem to be generally well-received, or, if someone doesn't like the shirt given, constructive criticism is given.

    I hope that we can all keep in mind that this website is unique in its family-esk following.

    that being said, i have been a big fan of wanderingbert and find his style amazing.
  • IAmTheBorg said 294 weeks ago

    Finding Technicolor is one of those shirts that I never got and have always regretted not getting.
  • phoenixgirrl said 294 weeks ago

    this is great! I love Finding Technicolor, and would love to have another shirt by you, Bert!
  • curb1510 said 294 weeks ago

    Not my thing, but I know I skew older than most on here. Wish I could give constructive criticism but it's 1 am and I must get myself and the Zimmerframe to bed.
    Must say that Aegis posted a pretty excellent response to what we mostly agree was a wasteful use of the site by Cuzzi. I loves me some good writin'.
    All the same I love this piece sitting to the right of my post, is it available as a print on a shirt.
    Nice show of range Wotto!
  • digitalnicotine said 294 weeks ago

    I like this artists work. This design made me smile, and I can't stop looking at it! I guess that means I'll have to buy it. :)
  • curb1510 said 294 weeks ago

    OK, I'm from your N. American equivalent, Canada. Always mistaken for American, no one knows anything about the culture except hockey, blah, blah, blah.
    I've always thought that you guys are to Australians, what we are to Americans. So I know I'm biased, but every Kiwi I hear about, read, watch, whose art I look at, etc. is blowing me away lately every Kiwi is blowing me away. What is in the water there?

    NO, not some roundabout way to say the same about my country...wouldn't have the audacity nor is it deserving.
  • MJ said 294 weeks ago

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    WanderingBert rules! This is a great design, I love the texture of it.
  • Disco-D said 294 weeks ago

    Honestly, I love it! My only problem is the man in front, it just reads a little sloppy for whatever reason. Just his form, I guess. I think it might be better with out him...but that's just me :) I LOooooovvvee this design though. It makes me happy. :)
  • teezee93 said 294 weeks ago

    I actually like this alot!

    The colors look great together, just kinda wish it had a deeper meaning. Something about like the main stream of music completely ignoring indie artist.
    Or how small things arnt any less important, and if a catapiller was bigger than humans, we probably wouldn't kill it as we do stepping on small ones as we stroll on the side walk.

    But it's all what you thought of as creating this artwork. Anyways, sorry for that, I'm now gonna go buy one. Haha.
  • sblake said 294 weeks ago

    This rules!
  • almondroca said 294 weeks ago

    I get the most positive comments on my Finding Technicolor tee. Some people get it, others don't.
  • Rocko said 294 weeks ago

    This tee isn't for me, but I absolutely love Finding Technicolor. Bought it a while back. It's fantastic.
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