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Companion Heart


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I missed the sale, is there a way to get this still? -


  • totoro222 said 74 weeks ago

    same here.. wanna get this one..
  • dancressman said 56 weeks ago

    This is one of the best ones that I'm really bummed I missed. It doesn't look like it's going to make it, but I have my fingers crossed!

    It's a bit flawed in its conception due to a bit of faulty anatomy, but I love the simplicity you used in your design! Gorgeous work, and I'm rather disappointed that I'll probably never be able to have one.
  • yurameshi said 56 weeks ago

    IN YR FACE!!! I got that one in my grab bag!
  • juniorfaria said 51 weeks ago

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    got that one in my grab bag too
  • TruAllStar said 43 weeks ago

    Please bring this tee back!
  • BriBriKitty said 14 weeks ago

    Please please please bring this back! I love portal and have been looking for a decent companion cube top and this is the only one I actually really like!