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interesting shirt jimi -


  • icecube said 296 weeks ago

    Sweet design :O!
  • peppersagooddog said 296 weeks ago

    oh and uh... nice work hydro... damn i hit enter too fast
  • sawbones84 said 296 weeks ago

    Very cool looking although I'll admit to being completely stumped as to the meaning/symbolism
  • porschefreak707 said 296 weeks ago

    Sweet design.
  • heartluce said 296 weeks ago

    Cool design hydro. Donating to charity = awesome.
  • Arrow said 296 weeks ago

    Nice one! I like the other work too!
  • jesuschrist said 296 weeks ago

    I have to admit - when we started TeeFury I really dreamed about one day being able to feature work done by Hydro74 - an artist who has had a HUGE impact on me - I have just enjoyed his work from a far - but I am a huge, huge fan - living down here in socal you can't help but run into and be influenced by the amazing artwork from him - check out his site - thank you!!
  • Fat Possom said 296 weeks ago

    sick sick sick. The Panda on the right is even SICKER.
  • atomicchild said 296 weeks ago

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  • turtlespeeds2 said 296 weeks ago

  • missmonster said 296 weeks ago

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    Gorgeous! Mmmm, sweet linework....
  • dahedd said 296 weeks ago

    I'm in for this one.
  • steelplate said 296 weeks ago

    Now you're talking TeeFury :)
  • thejakeyl88 said 296 weeks ago

    So I spend all my "spending" money a little early this week. Sat here tonight praying that no good shirts come up tonight or tomorrow night, since after that any order can be paid for by my early thursday morning direct deposit. SURE ENOUGH like always, my prayers backfired in my face, and the best shirt I've ever PERSONALLY seen on Teefury will not be mine. Bah humbug.

    If I'm this worked up, it means your work is awesome. Congrats on the print, sorry I can't get one :(
  • snowstar84 said 296 weeks ago

    This is amazing. Bought it within the first few minutes it was up.

    Keep it up teefury!
  • jimiyo said 296 weeks ago

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    Whoo hoo.... Hydro74 sent me another design, so thejakeyl88, you might have another chance in the near future. ;)

    it's hot.
  • Gozz said 296 weeks ago

    I wish the right column talked more about the shirt not about his other works.
    I do like the shirt though.
  • thejakeyl88 said 296 weeks ago

    Thanks for the ray of hope. Think I can relax a little then, it hurts when you see great art like that and can't take part in wearing it. I'll take your word though and be waitin' for the next one!
  • cycle said 296 weeks ago

    got one!
    great work and nice design

  • 83Grafik said 296 weeks ago

    Put that "united we rise" design on here i say.
  • poofticus said 296 weeks ago

    Badical print. My first purchase!
  • desaturated said 296 weeks ago

    my 1st purchase too :D
  • FlashyArse said 296 weeks ago

    omgiloveit. =3
  • bubooman said 296 weeks ago

    love the design, color, and placement.
    beautiful work on the side. wish i could make
    Back in Black T-Shirt Exhibit, arg...
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