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Beautiful design :O! -


  • eludingsun said 295 weeks ago

    stunning! a definite buy.
  • armPittman said 295 weeks ago

    not first
  • mollib said 295 weeks ago

    So nice!!! Aside from the banana :(
  • AdderXYU said 295 weeks ago

    A Gerling reference in the title?
  • AhemAhem said 295 weeks ago

    Yes! It's about time we had Mr. Gould on here. I love this art and I actually really like the banana color way for the girls.
  • FueledByPez said 295 weeks ago

    Great shirt - looks too much like my ex girlfriend though - it would be creepy for me to get it.
  • peppersagooddog said 295 weeks ago

    wow thats a big print! wonderful use of that space too. good grab wotto.
  • Gimmik said 295 weeks ago

    Yay! Full print shirt. Thought I don't like this design. Not for me even though it does look really good.
  • bluebird said 295 weeks ago

    I'd buy it if it were on white for the girls...oh well! Very nice design.
  • AlvinPing said 295 weeks ago

    Oversize screen and bottom seam printing! Looks good, TeeFury! :D
  • deaddude said 295 weeks ago

    Thanks Teefury, you're awesome too!
  • kizat said 295 weeks ago

    *flings self off cliff*

    I love this... and I love the banana!!! but... no go for me... too close to the holidays to buy for myself, and well.. i'm freakin' broke.

  • peppersagooddog said 295 weeks ago

    poor kat
    the fury should extend you a credit line or something :(
    thats two days in a row.
  • almondroca said 295 weeks ago

    Nice. Wish I could pull off wearing this design.
  • porschefreak707 said 295 weeks ago

    This one is unique, want to know why?
    not only does the shirt blow, the designs on the side do too! woot
  • kizat said 295 weeks ago

    pepper... that is a really great idea... i think i'll pitch it to layne! hahaha.

    I think porchefreak is just bummed that they didn't get "Gargamel"
  • pthalocyanine said 295 weeks ago

    NICE although the yellow is a bit too vintage for me. But it really is very pretty.
    And I know someone replied the last time I wasn't 100% with the color, but the comment box is not just for praise... right?
  • pthalocyanine said 295 weeks ago

    @kizat: hooray for no Gargamel :)
  • howardtheduck said 295 weeks ago

    Awwwww :'( This is the first time I've ever liked the women's color scheme better than the men's! The design is stunning, but I don't do white t-shirts. Except when working out, but this isn't exactly a 'workout' shirt. And I don't exactly work out. So... maybe next time :)
  • pthalocyanine said 295 weeks ago

    I agree the yellow is more fitting than the white :)
  • autumn said 295 weeks ago

    Oh... this is so pretty! Banana, too. I'll make a decision tomorrow.
  • Crushem said 295 weeks ago

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    Very classy design :)
  • ForceEight said 295 weeks ago

    as a guy, i'd definitely be more prone to buying the guy's shirt if it was (getting repetitive here) a guy in the design. sort of a loss in masculinity to wear a girl on your shirt.

    great design regardless. congrats!
  • fortunefordisaster said 295 weeks ago

    I definitely like the girls' shirt, that is very pretty with the purple and the banana. I love the skull design and the painting at the side too, nice work. A buy from me!

    Well done teefury too, I got my first tf shirt in the mail yesterday and I'm amazed at the quality for a measly $9! Definitely very impressed, thankyou.
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