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  • michiganice91 said 297 weeks ago

  • bleou said 297 weeks ago

    first haha i wanted to do it once
  • michiganice91 said 297 weeks ago

  • bleou said 297 weeks ago

    DAMN AND I STILL LOST!!! ah well, i wonder if it was as good for you as it was for me?

    i really dig this tee
  • bleou said 297 weeks ago

    haha michigan...welcome to silver and bronze.

  • TheiPodGuru said 297 weeks ago

    "I want TeeFury fans to know that I have just completed my graduation as a designer, that I'm doing a post-graduate training in a Portuguese company and meeting the market reality and agitation."

    Wow, congrats on that. I'm really, really diggin' this design. I'll sleep on it, and I'll probably have a decision in the morning.
    Congrats again on the print!
  • brycedriesenga said 297 weeks ago

    Ooh, nice design! Though, I almost think it could benefit from a white stroke around the umbrella, but I am not sure.
  • kizat said 297 weeks ago

    if I say first! now will it still count even though it's more like eighth?

    I like the shirt, but I can't wear white... I would demolish it. If I wasn't so broke from yesterdays shirt, perhaps I'd buy this and give that canvas thing a try..

    Did Layne ever posts pictures of that? Really interested in seeing how a stretched tee over canvas looks.
  • bleou said 297 weeks ago

    oh, and i love the randomness in the questions for the artist profile. perfection.

    i've realize i've made this page my personal sounding off board so i'm going to go do something swell like read.

    night all.
  • eludingsun said 297 weeks ago

    aww, i like this shirt.
    but i'm not a fan of white tees.
    i'll sleep on it too :)
  • eludingsun said 297 weeks ago

    after reading your responses:
    congrads on the graduation as a designer!
  • kizat said 297 weeks ago

    also, I love the spoon on the side panel.
  • bleou said 297 weeks ago

    no kizat. sorry you can't be cool and be at least in the top 3. haha i still don't understand the gratification of posting "first". i tried.

    wait, i was leaving.

    my name is kat and i'm addicted to teefury.
  • crowface63 said 297 weeks ago

    I don't think I wear white...

    it gets all dingy.
  • liner13 said 297 weeks ago

    I LOVE the spoon on the side. That's really nice.
  • crowface63 said 297 weeks ago

    but I do love the simplicity... and the colors...
  • crowface63 said 297 weeks ago

    the spoon reminds me of the soup can.
  • kizat said 297 weeks ago

    wait... bleou, your name is kat?

    seriously.. this is getting WEIRD.

    Maybe we ARE friends in a an alternate universe... seriously.

    I'm gonna go watch a movie..

    My name is Kat, also... and I"m addicted to teefury!
  • crowface63 said 297 weeks ago

    I've determined that kizat and bleou are the same person...
  • MDreamr4 said 297 weeks ago

    I really love this print, but I'm not sure the white background works for me. I'll sleep on it.

    'Grats on graduating!
  • Arrow said 297 weeks ago

    haha kat and kat you crack me up.

    Congrats on the print Brandon! Graduation is a good thing, student loans if you got em, not as much of a good thing. Keep on bringing the design work!
  • deadhippo said 297 weeks ago

    A variation on the CMYK theme...exciting.
    Not a bad design but I'm wondering what it will take to put the nail in the coffin of CYMK. I hope they bury Helvetica and the ampersand in there with too....Hold on, I think I just got an idea for a t-shirt. Yes, I think you know what it is...4 ampersands in CYMK using Helvetica.
  • AhemAhem said 297 weeks ago

    This is great! I really like your work Brandon. And MJ - great job as curator!

    Perhaps it is time for me to write a song about TeeFury.
  • IAmTheBorg said 297 weeks ago

    Whoah, like that is so weird, cuz my username is named after my cat!!!!

    This shirt rocks. I cannot wear white, but I will consider making an exception. Like so many others, I shall sleep on it.
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