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Robotic Dragonfly


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now this is dope -


  • andrewlb said 297 weeks ago

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  • binofbread said 297 weeks ago

    And yes again the guys are left with charcoal although i very much like the design on the shirt.
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 297 weeks ago

    Great shirt. Love the design and the colors.
  • Nicky said 297 weeks ago

  • edudtellublil80 said 297 weeks ago

    i love the colors of the woman's shirt.. not so much the guy's...
  • bbsohh said 297 weeks ago

    i would love the military green.
  • heartluce said 297 weeks ago

    Excellent art in this piece and on the side. Kudos!
  • michiganice91 said 297 weeks ago

    girls color is way better :(
  • patchitect said 297 weeks ago

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    Sweet shirt! Love the detail
  • YutFree said 297 weeks ago

    Love the designs in the margin better.
  • TheiPodGuru said 297 weeks ago

    lovin' this shirt, but I don't have the money to buy it right now. congrats on getting the print though.
  • deaddude said 297 weeks ago

    I think I would buy this if the mens were in green - despite having cut back on tee purchases.
  • hunger mouse said 297 weeks ago

    Sick design. Very clean detail, i can even see how the thing flies.
  • hunger mouse said 297 weeks ago

    TheiPodGuru always says the same thing...
  • thejakeyl88 said 297 weeks ago

    The black clouds make the green stand out more, looks great! I've seen a few shirts now I liked better in the ladies color. I wonder what would happen if you were allowed to make the choice between colors on certain things. Like having the black clouds on the guys shirt.
  • Fat Possom said 297 weeks ago

    Fat Possom digs, ya dig? Jakey, setting up the print machine is a big process and managing orders is difficult. I know TF loves their fans, but imagine what it would be like for them to cater to all of our color choices every day! @ $9 with the quick turnaround, I'm surprised they even make a guys and girls color.
  • Blade said 297 weeks ago

    Nice shirt.
  • digitalnicotine said 297 weeks ago

    Very nice. I'd love to see more from this designer.
  • addsteve said 297 weeks ago

    Man, I am so conflicted on this one. I opened the page and my first reaction was, "wow, that is awesome," but I don't know if I want the shirt or not...It has a bit of "steampunk" influence to it, which I love, but lately I have been leaning towards more abstract designs. Hmm. I'll sleep on it.

    Brilliant art though, really great. Looking forward to checking out more by this guy.
  • keigo said 297 weeks ago

    Great creativity, great design!
  • Gray Xue said 297 weeks ago

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    Hi,guys, I am glad to see your comments here, weather kind or hard, it is my pleasure to take them, I say it will encourage me make things better in the future.Here enclosed the original design and the inspiration.

    I often dream about a world where there are full of kinds of robotic animals,actually not only animals but also every biology...
    this make me like machine design irreparably ,
    talking about this Robotic Dragonfly,I think maybe it is one of the most serious killer in the war of future after I finished it,
    but one of my buddy think it is a cool anti-mosquito weapon in future summer.
  • SummyGoss said 297 weeks ago

    wow i love it^^
  • Mr. Sweet N Awful said 297 weeks ago

    Damn, I really like this shirt. Though I wish the guys could get it in green too, it's my favorite color and looks awesome with the design. I might get it even though I don't think grey would look so good on me.
  • biotwist said 297 weeks ago

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    I also love this on green but It has more to do with the black FluffySpam, those dark clouds bring this all together. I think the same design would have stayed true on the guys color
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