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  • andrewpaik said 297 weeks ago

    Looks patriotic.
  • IAmTheBorg said 297 weeks ago

    Great job Jimiyo! My father introduced me to Desiderata when I was having troubles as a teen. Definitely words to live by.
  • Zenne said 297 weeks ago

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    Cool illustration. :)
  • popejon said 297 weeks ago

    very cool!
  • roboroller said 297 weeks ago

    Jimiyo scores AGAIN! can he do no wrong people? Brilliant, a definite buy.
  • superspryte said 297 weeks ago

    You're an amazing artist, jimiyo. This design is kinda creepy... ^_~
  • Arrow said 297 weeks ago

    Another cool one! Congrats Jimiyo!
  • AttilaTheMom said 297 weeks ago

    Yay Jimi!
    I wish i had moneys.
  • eludingsun said 297 weeks ago

    i agree with andrewpaik,
    it looks patriotic.

    not for me,
    but still interesting.
  • SGxB said 297 weeks ago

    agreed a definite buy. jimbo, your a very good artist. and an excellent writer, if i may add. nice "About this design:"
  • jimiyo said 297 weeks ago

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    :) Thanks!

    Hey Peeps, I sent a newsletter regarding this design, so I will be picking some random people to be recipients of a free shirt. Random winners will be chosen from those participating in commenting here. I'll post results in forum tomorrow so it won't disappear with the next shirt.

  • peppersagooddog said 297 weeks ago

    dammit jimi.
    why you make me spend monies i no have?
    i could have financed a college education for you by now in all the dollars i give you. :P
    you sexy smurf
  • matt2kool said 297 weeks ago

    wow i love tee fury

    i think i spend more money here in one place than i ever have

    yes gut
  • peppersagooddog said 297 weeks ago

    yay accidental first post after jimi... i win right?
  • matt2kool said 297 weeks ago

    im getting this

    it will be my 10th or maybe more tee fury purchase
  • campkatie said 297 weeks ago

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    beautiful as always
  • edudtellublil80 said 297 weeks ago

    Niceee! i love it
  • cls62 said 297 weeks ago

    Love the colors!
  • snarkygal said 297 weeks ago

    Jimi you handsome devil...another awesome design and it's on navy! Alas, I have no money right now and I really can't put any more on the credit cards right now. I am sad :-(
  • samonasc said 297 weeks ago

    good stuff. ive been watching this develop on your blog. cant wait to see phoenix print too.
  • icecube said 297 weeks ago

    Sweet design. Is that going to be the relative size of the design in comparison to the shirt?
  • Shmapty said 297 weeks ago

    Jimiyo, you have been blessed with a gift.
  • SilkyGardens said 297 weeks ago

    sweetness! I was looking forward to this design! :D
  • Frank said 297 weeks ago

    Sweet, after countless amazing jimiyo designs that I've passed on because they weren't my style in 3 short weeks I'll have one I'll proudly wear
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