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Carbon Butterfly


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Looks sweet, but -


  • DoJa said 298 weeks ago

    nahh it's alright but not for me
  • OpenIntro said 298 weeks ago

    no more DEAD BIRD tee, but there is always the DEAD BIRD ARCHIVE!
  • peppersagooddog said 298 weeks ago

    wtg loop... i havent seen this in forever.
  • icecube said 298 weeks ago

    don't think I could wear it.
  • nix said 298 weeks ago

    Sweet but not me.
  • 2thFairy said 298 weeks ago

    OoooOoo pretty!!
  • bbsohh said 298 weeks ago

    i like the girl's color combo

    ladies, buy it.
  • SailorButterfly said 298 weeks ago

    Been hoping this one would print it!
  • mia3mom said 298 weeks ago

    congrats loopy! looks great! I really love the 2 different colors... I want both! :)

  • porschefreak707 said 298 weeks ago

  • Olechka said 298 weeks ago

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    Very unique, likin' it!
  • snarkygal said 298 weeks ago

    Very nice, Loopy, congrats! I like it on the dark chocolate!

    Porschefreak, what is up with the Gargamel? It is evident it isn't about getting the first post since you aren't even close to the first post...what is it about this days? It sure is annoying and useless.
  • winesburg01 said 298 weeks ago

    I am sooo close to buying this one.
  • Disco-D said 298 weeks ago

    Third shirt bought on Tee Fury! This one I'm actually getting as a gift. It's risky business buying a shirt you can't return, but I trust this design :)
  • eludingsun said 298 weeks ago

    the girl's shirt is beautiful.

    i'm so close to buying this for me and my friend.
  • iCleanWater said 298 weeks ago

    Great design! I'd get it if the guy's color was on the girl's tee. I have way too many brown shirts. But it really is pretty.
  • winesburg01 said 298 weeks ago

    Okay I just bought it.
  • jimiyo said 298 weeks ago

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    woooo... infinity loop!!!!! sweetness
  • matt2kool said 298 weeks ago

    girls one looks really good

    Layne: the word "girls" under colors is in bold. don't think it's suppose to be. it's been like that for awhile, but i'm finally remembering to say something!
  • saturniid7462 said 298 weeks ago

    I love this one too! Hmmm, which color? They're both beautiful!
  • Rawkfist said 298 weeks ago

    Is it just me or does it seem like 70% of teefury's shirts are more on the feminine side?
  • Fat Possom said 298 weeks ago

    I'm not afraid of feminine designs, but this one is a bit too girly for me. Beautiful art and colorway combo's though. Nice job.
  • thejakeyl88 said 298 weeks ago

    To be honest the lady shirt looks much better in my opinion! Seems more realistic to me, which is the approach I like best. I really like the fact that Teefury prints two separate colors, it really allows them to do the lady shirts right. Thats probably why you see more than regular sites. TF FTW! :)
  • derekfilley said 298 weeks ago

    Lookin' good Iloop!
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