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  • eyeslikesugar said 298 weeks ago

    Good on ya though, TF :)
  • eludingsun said 298 weeks ago

    yes! i love it! buying, now!
  • eludingsun said 298 weeks ago

    it's not marroon, but it is black!

    still a win! ;D
  • Shmapty said 298 weeks ago

    So much for the "lesson" idea, but good idea going with what the people wanted.
  • Fat Possom said 298 weeks ago

    done and done.
  • thejakeyl88 said 298 weeks ago

    ORDER IS CONFIRMED! THANK YOU TEEFURY! Third Teefury purchase for me! Refreshed the page after my comment about buying it, and there it was! AWESOME!
  • peppersagooddog said 298 weeks ago

    i love you, you sexy smurfs
  • thejakeyl88 said 298 weeks ago

    To make it more rare teefury, you should only post the dead bird in situations like this. I know you strive to make sure this NEVER happens, but sometimes things do that are out of your control. If you ever kill a design again, its time for the dead bird. I don't know but this shirt symbolizes something more... Its more than just a design to me now. :)
  • eludingsun said 298 weeks ago

    bought! and loved!

    i still think there should be some sort of note,
    perhaps on the side,
    where the usually info goes,
    about the 'other' shirt for today.

    hmm. i wonder, if any were bought, and if they were,
    are they going to be sold?
  • cardinalgoldstein said 298 weeks ago

    Huh. Shirt isn't very interesting, but I'm sure the story behind its appearance is.
  • jesuschrist said 298 weeks ago

    We will never offer the dead bird in our regularly scheduled monthly teefury tee, and hopefully we never have to bring the dead bird out again ;)
  • eludingsun said 298 weeks ago

    i agree with jakey,
    i am so happy to buy this shirt.
    i feel like it represents something more;
    such as the rights to your own work,
    and not to others.
  • thejakeyl88 said 298 weeks ago

    eludingsun, they won't print that shirt. I'm sure the order will be canceled then you will get a refund if you ordered it. I don't think they will just automatically make you get the dead bird shirt instead.

    I just feel bad for anyone that bought the shirt then went to bed.
  • hunger mouse said 298 weeks ago

    Ha! Dead bird moment. Something about that last shirt was like ehhh, seen it b4. Guess it was for real. I wasn't really sure and I'm new here. Don't think I have that kind of clout yet...
  • Outlash said 298 weeks ago

    I must say, I'm sort of disappointed with today's shirt.
  • eludingsun said 298 weeks ago

    in short there is a story.
    and it is, a shirt was made,
    and it was a shirt that had already been made,
    and the artist admit to taking the design from somewhere else.
    the shirt was taken down,
    and the dead bird is up to represent this.
  • Rhowdy17 said 298 weeks ago

    thank you Layne, thank you Tee Fury, you just made my night... I'm so glad I posted the suggestion.
  • eludingsun said 298 weeks ago

    layne, you made my night too. thank you.

    will you be selling the shirt, if any,
    had already been bought of the previous shirt?
  • icecube said 298 weeks ago

    Oh shoot... I want this shirt. X_X, but I don't know if I should spend more money. AH.
  • thejakeyl88 said 298 weeks ago

    This is such a fun night, so much going on here at almost 2 AM :)

    Layne, I agree, if it never happens again, all the better! Now that I have this bird shirt, I feel like I'm obligated to buy every single bird shirt that ever comes out! Time to collect.

    I just want to say I'm very impressed with Teefury. This place seems to cater to the customer, and Teefury listens in real time! It seems we all feel appreciated and were rewarded with the Dead Bird shirt (Also since it fit the situation) but nonetheless our voices were heard and Teefury made it happen right away. I almost feel like I'm forming a relationship with Teefury. Its not just a place to spend my money, its just one big happy family ;) :)
  • Rhowdy17 said 298 weeks ago

    ^^^ ditto ^^^
  • eludingsun said 298 weeks ago

    jakey, certainly said everything i was thinking,
    but much more eloquently then i would have.

    i completely agree,
    thanks for saying it jakey.

    and to teefury,
    in addition to what he said,
    you are officially my new favorite site.
    thank you for all your respect to artist everywhere,
    this means to world to me.
  • hunger mouse said 298 weeks ago

    How many Tee Fury members are there?
  • eyeslikesugar said 298 weeks ago

    Got one :D
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