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Gargamel! Diggen the design, not so much the color cordination. -


  • crowface63 said 298 weeks ago

    Designs are getting better..

    this one just isn't something I would personally wear.
  • crowface63 said 298 weeks ago

    agreed... I'm not feeling the colors.
  • Rat_Safari said 298 weeks ago

    Wow - I think this might be my next Tee Fury shirt, perfect. I have three already and that's after being super selective...

  • porschefreak707 said 298 weeks ago

    Super cool colors.
  • Chi said 298 weeks ago

    I really like! I love the colors! If it was black/white I probably wouldn't buy. Sand color isn't offered very often. =) Thanks.
  • KidCam said 298 weeks ago

    really like this shirt
    reminds me of madness of miss stereo from shirt.woot a long while back
    ill think about it...
    teefury has been pumping out a lot of shirts that i like lately
  • eludingsun said 298 weeks ago

    loving it! i will defiantly have to see if i can afford this one!
  • steelplate said 298 weeks ago

    This is awesome, well worthy of being selected :)
  • mollib said 298 weeks ago

    Looooove the design!!! Not so much the shirt color =(
  • paulkremer said 298 weeks ago

    Cool concept! Flowers make it a tad bit feminine for my taste for actual wearing purposes, but like the design.
  • Rabidness said 298 weeks ago

  • mlsfishi said 298 weeks ago

    Sweet design, I just wish I didn't already have several sand-ish colored shirts that I don't wear enough already.
  • daveconrey said 298 weeks ago

    Ok, that's cool. Too bad tan looks terrible on me.
  • iCleanWater said 298 weeks ago

    Dude, I totally love the design. But as said by some, I don't feel like sand is the color for me. Great job!
  • SapphirePhoenix said 298 weeks ago

    I love the choice of colours and the design is beautiful!
  • liner13 said 298 weeks ago

    I love it. The color scheme works really well.
  • IAmTheBorg said 298 weeks ago

    This shirt is beautiful, but I am so poor.

    Happy Halloween, all! tonight, I am drunk enough to ask Layne to marry me. What say you, darling?
  • mistykasumi said 298 weeks ago

    Love the colours and the design. Grungy without getting into the skulls, which is something I really like.
  • michiganice91 said 298 weeks ago

    I really like the halftones. This shirt is pretty awesome. I like the design placement as well. You should offer this later in a different color as well, because I think a ton of people would buy this.
  • candy4theman said 298 weeks ago

    no day of the dead shirt?
  • twirling around said 298 weeks ago

    i think the color of the shirt goes very well with the colors used in the design. im buying!!
  • kypswei said 298 weeks ago

    YEEESSSS!!! Love this design!. Not too hot on the shirt color, but especially love the placement. I love it when designs aren't just slapped on the chest. Excellent job tolagunestro! ...I am in complete agreement with michiganice91. YES!
  • indievik said 298 weeks ago

    This is the first shirt on here that I'd like on me, but would _love_ on my girlfriend. Can any ladies who wear a WL in American Apparel woot shirts suggest a comparable size for the shirts the fury uses? If it helps, she's 5'2" and blessed in the bust and hip areas. Thanks much!
  • flower753 said 298 weeks ago

    Love the design colors! I'm not familiar with the sand color shirt so I hope it looks good on me cause I had to buy.
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