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Happy Halloween!!!!! No Halloween design? :(

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  • TheiPodGuru said 298 weeks ago

    I like this one, but like openintro said, I too was looking forward to a halloween design.
  • jimiyo said 298 weeks ago

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    YaY RikkiB!
  • tja4 said 298 weeks ago

    thats a smurf design
  • Arrow said 298 weeks ago

    Nice! Congrats Rikki!
  • luna-rouge said 298 weeks ago

    Never been printed ?_? odd...
  • FueledByPez said 298 weeks ago

    @tja4 "thats a smurf design"

    whatever :p
  • icecube said 298 weeks ago

    Looks nice, but I don't really like Charcoal shirts :[.
  • fadedstar said 298 weeks ago

    wtf -.- was lookin forward to shop for a crazy shirt on halloween day
  • Rawkfist said 298 weeks ago

    This shirt is weak. Try again.
  • SilverStar8403 said 298 weeks ago

    I already have this shirt. :) it used to be on Bountee. Love it, Rikki!
  • peppersagooddog said 298 weeks ago

    wow i have to say this is the most negative ive ever seen it here.
    bah humbug to you people. if you dont like it, at least have the decency to say WHY.

    wtg on another print rikki
    i dont wear rainbows personally, but gl on sales

    there see? was that so hard?
    keep the poor sports over on woot where they belong.
  • octo said 298 weeks ago

    i believe the shirt is a general response to the negative comments, and his lack of making a new design to submit.

    not terrible for what it is tho.
  • RikkiB said 298 weeks ago

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    said 16 minutes ago
    Never been printed ?_? odd...

    Aargh, I didn't say it's never been printed! Communication failure!
    Bountee is now closed so it's no longer available there.
  • jesuschrist said 298 weeks ago

    Bountee is Direct To Garment printing - think about running a t-shirt through your inkjet printer.

    This is the first time, that we know of, this tee has actually been produced and screen printed (with real soft hand plastisol!).

    The quality of our printing and tee is much nicer than anything you can get from cafe press, zazzle, mysoti (which is Bountee).

    As far as having a Halloween tee today - we decided against this because we did a few halloween designs about two weeks ago and figured today no one would buy a halloween tee because they would say "nice halloween design, to bad this wasnt up 3 weeks ago so I could actualy WEAR it on halloween" or something similar.

  • jesuschrist said 298 weeks ago

    BTW - I still keep by my comment never been printed. by printed of course I mean Screen Printed. I made those comments under "Editors Note:" so take the hate out on me - not the wonderful RikkiB.
  • bbsohh said 298 weeks ago
  • RikkiB said 298 weeks ago

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  • ckoelle said 298 weeks ago

    jeez. you people spreading nonsense negativity... grow up.
  • jesuschrist said 298 weeks ago

    porschefreak707 - please keep it cool or we will delete your account ;)
  • SilkyGardens said 298 weeks ago

    YAY! Thank you layne an rikkiB! Love the design and have been waiting for this tee for the longest's PERFECT for me and one of my friends. Will definitely be buying two!

  • YutFree said 298 weeks ago

    I look at T-shirt sites this way: There is NO WAY IN HELL that every shirt could appeal to every person who comes to the site. It's just not possible. And think about it--if every T-shirt did appeal to you, your bank account would be screaming for mercy.

    I won't be buying this one. Hope those of you who like it wear the heck out of it. :)
  • thejakeyl88 said 298 weeks ago

    Whatever was big like 10 years ago.
  • cardinalgoldstein said 298 weeks ago

    Seems to me that if the shirt design was printed and sold on Bountee, then it has been printed. ~shrug~
  • igo2cairo said 298 weeks ago

    Congrats Rikki B! I always loved this design, it's a classic. I wear your Booyah! tee all the time.
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