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TeeFury No. 3


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Hey...a classic. Looks good. -


  • eludingsun said 299 weeks ago

    oh! i've wanted a simple teefury shirt..
    however, pink again. *sigh*
  • Jukyn said 299 weeks ago

    lol, you spelled fourth wrong.
  • icecube said 299 weeks ago

    Oh wow, :D I'm really tempted to get this one.
  • kizat said 299 weeks ago

    I was just saying the other day how there needed to be more pink shirts. I guess i should swoop this up if I'm gonna make comments like that. ;)

  • DCBeatty said 299 weeks ago

    Why not guys in pink and girls in blue? Or give us a choice?
  • jasminee said 299 weeks ago

    It's amazing how often I'm unhappy with the color choice of the girl shirt. God forbid not every girl wants a collection of pink shirts.
  • MJ said 299 weeks ago

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    DCBeatty, I believe that pink is not a color that is available in men's shirts with the brand TeeFury uses. Additionally, giving the choice of colors probably makes production more costly and difficult.
  • jesuschrist said 299 weeks ago

    unfortunately we do not have a guys blank in pink ;( We only have 9 colors for our girls blanks - but this is not regular pink - its HOT PINK - which of course is extra cool.
  • jesuschrist said 299 weeks ago

    and ditto what MJ said.
  • ChaoticStar89 said 299 weeks ago

    Ugh, decisions decisions. I really want just a basic tee fury shirt w/ the logo on it, but I just got the turquoise shirt on here last week. I think I'll have to pass in the end, but do another similar shirt in a different color soon!!!
  • kizat said 299 weeks ago

    jasminee: I haven't noticed an overabundance of pink shirts here at teefury.... But maybe if you prefer the guy color to the girl color, the price here is right to try to see if the men's style shirt fits you well or not. Just a suggestion.
  • kizat said 299 weeks ago

    also, big ups on the hot pink.
  • tupaY2J said 299 weeks ago

    Love it! First Teefury purchase for me!
  • IAmTheBorg said 299 weeks ago

    I've been wanting a pink shirt, but I'm sooooooo broke. I'll have to think about it. It really like the black teefury bird that I have.
  • peppersagooddog said 299 weeks ago

    well personally the mens fits *some* women way better anyway. and thank goodess cause i dont remember ever liking the girls color choice in any of the 7(?) teefury shirts i got so far.
    if this had been on a navy, or whatever a darker mens blue choice had been i would have bought yet ANOTHER stupid brid ;)
    as is though, it's the first time i have had zero interest in collecting all of the logo shirts. it had to happen at some point i guess :(
    and come to think of it... i thought the plan was originally one logo bird a month? not that i am bitching really, but less logo shirts = more exclusivity
  • jesuschrist said 299 weeks ago

    The Hot Pink (different than the pink ladies tee we ran on Monday) looks insane, gives kind of a punk rock look. If you were a fan of the first J3 concepts Tee we did called Danger, then you will love the guys color combos, gives a nice subtle feel but still looks very fresh and if you are into the current 80's trends with all the brights, then pick this tee up for your collection!


    do you guys realize this is our 97th Tee! in 3 days we will be hitting tee number 100!! We will have to think of something cool to do for that day - any suggestions?
  • jesuschrist said 299 weeks ago

    thought the plan was originally one logo bird a month? not that i am bitching really, but less logo shirts = more exclusivity

    No problem! I actually made a mistake - this is only our THIRD official TeeFury Tee (I changed the title to reflect this), there may be a little confusion because we did have a Shawnty Shawn illustration of a bird with a lightning bolt eye (which was amazing).

    Here are the other two for those who missed them:

    TeeFury No.1

    TeeFury No. 2
  • MDreamr4 said 299 weeks ago

    ooh!! will certainly be back to purchase this one, I need to decide which color--if I buy men's I'll just cut the sleeves, for $9 I'm willing to make some size adjustments on my own ;-)
  • waveformula said 299 weeks ago

    Gosh, I love, love, love the simplicity of the logo alone, but achh, I just can't stomach the electric blue, call it issues of my own, but I don't think I could pull it off. Speaking of adjustments... how well do you think it would take dye? Anyone ever tried that? It's bright enough I might be able to get a nice deep purple out of it if I added some red...
  • waveformula said 299 weeks ago

    PS I also love the little flag/bird logos for your international shipping... maybe something along those lines...
  • robinzeggblu said 299 weeks ago

    ugh, pink? really? I may buy the guys shirt since i like the shirt, i just hate pink..... not all girls want pink clothes ya kno.
  • bbsohh said 299 weeks ago

    re: suggestions for 100th shirt:

    Assuming the shirt is lined up, how about a free shirt for every _th buyer?
  • LINK2DPAST said 299 weeks ago

    A collab between 100 artists? Is that manageable in 3 days?
  • LINK2DPAST said 299 weeks ago

    A special design contest? LOL if you want to plan something you should have mentioned that earlier!
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