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First. Very cool design. -


  • blahmcblah said 299 weeks ago

    Yay loopy!
  • icecube said 299 weeks ago

    Hm, Bettas really are beautiful fishes (googled them). But on a T-Shirt, hard choice because I'm not sure if I want more navy T-Shirts.
  • peppersagooddog said 299 weeks ago

    grats loop.
    now thats a better betta ;)
  • digital-new said 299 weeks ago

    oooo. I actually kinda likey.
  • eludingsun said 299 weeks ago

    so beautiful!

    i'm going to buy one for myself, my friend.
    (we both work in a pet store!)
  • SailorButterfly said 299 weeks ago

    So pretty! I'm getting this shirt, and it's making me want to get a betta too. :)
  • ChaoticStar89 said 299 weeks ago

    K, ordered it. My second tee fury tee! I'm sure my betta will flare up if I wear it around him.
  • WonderBunny said 299 weeks ago

    yeah Loopy! I got mine. I got some nice new red-ish icebreaker tops (wool base layer for winter) that this will look great over! First navy shirt (from anywhere) for me!
  • PoinPyu said 299 weeks ago

    I feel like I saw this on woot... I like this design :)
  • kizat said 299 weeks ago

    i really like the design but I'm a bit worried about the placement... I dont want anyone to think I have a fish sucking nipple fetish... but the design is really gorgeous... Gonna sleep on this one.
  • erinlee said 299 weeks ago

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    Woohoo I like this one. Bettas ARE beautiful especially their tails when they flare. And I like the color combination. Quite subtle yet the red is striking enough. It's on navy, so it gives me a kind of idea like the betta's quietly swimming in the dark! The placement though...I'm not sure if the betta's gonna look funny when I wear it haha, I'll get some friends' opinion and if it's mostly positive, I'll buy it.
  • snarkygal said 299 weeks ago

    To the above posters I say:who cares what other people think - if you like the design - BUY IT!

    Congrats on the print Loop! I'm in for 2! One for me and one for a friend for her birthday, which is today so it will be very late LOL.
  • erinlee said 299 weeks ago

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    To snarkygal: Mmnnhh...I do care to a certain extent because what I wear defines an image I wanna portray to others. That's just my opinion but I do acknowledge your point as well. So, I've placed my order. I hope the transaction goes smoothly, it's my first buy from TeeFury. And a birthday gift for myself haha! I've no idea when it's gonna arrive though, probably some time more since I'm so far away.
  • LINK2DPAST said 299 weeks ago

    Wow, I really like this one! It's surprisingly un-detailed, but still does a really good job of looking realistic...

    Don't take that offensively or anything, it's just really striking to me for some reason. I really want this shirt. I wish I wasn't a bum in college.
  • christine said 299 weeks ago

    awesome. got 1 for a friend's birthday.
  • derekfilley said 299 weeks ago

    Very nice :-)
  • cardinalgoldstein said 299 weeks ago

    I like the betta color against the navy background. Nice placement, too.
  • icecube said 299 weeks ago

    Oh I totally didn't notice the placement of the betta, kizat. Now I can't stop thinking it's doing that XD.
  • MDreamr4 said 299 weeks ago

    great design! I may buy one later, I tend to procrastinate these things =/
  • Andy47240 said 299 weeks ago

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    Great job Loop!
  • Jukyn said 299 weeks ago

    i swore this design has been up here before...or at least a similar one.
    grats on the print! :)
  • theinfinityloop said 299 weeks ago

    Thanks everybody for the great comments! For those of you wondering if you've seen this before, I was going to use this for a Woot Derby, and I had posted sketches of it to show my work in progress. However, due to similar entries being submitted, I changed my mind and decided to submit here instead. I'm glad I did! :)
  • mia3mom said 299 weeks ago

    great design, loopy! i'm glad you subbed it here, congrats on the print!
    all 3 of my girls want this - almost as good as having a pet betta!
  • thefatunicorn said 299 weeks ago

    VERY nice design. i don't mind the placement, as in a navy blue shirt people hopefully wont be able to see my nipple. also... i don't think I know anyone who actually has a nipple where the fish's mouth is. If anyone here does, we need pictures for proof.

    Anyway (lol) definitely picking one up. Nice to see a fish shirt that's well-designed. Love the organic lines too. Congrats

    A lot of good shirts these past few days!
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