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One of the best I've seen on the site



  • sawbones84 said 300 weeks ago

    Alright, at this point the whole bird shirt thing is really turning me off to this site
  • CJH said 300 weeks ago

    Seriously Birds Again I'm not knocking it or anything but seriously again
  • missmt96 said 300 weeks ago

    Another flippin shirt with a bird on it......seriously people....
  • KidCam said 300 weeks ago

    the plus signs remind me of mix media off of uneetee
  • moser said 300 weeks ago

    How many bird shirts do you people own. I wouldn't have bought any of the bird shirts anyway except for this one or the humming bird one. Hence I will have an appropriate amount of good bird shirts. They are supplying options.
  • snarkygal said 300 weeks ago

    Not only is it another bird shirt, but another grey shirt...sigh......
  • cls62 said 300 weeks ago

    I love all the birds!

    Gonna have to snag one for both me and my man.
  • peppersagooddog said 300 weeks ago

    i just died a little inside.
    if you want to keep with the bird theme often cause your logo is a bird... hey i get it.
    clip art? *tears*
  • roboroller said 300 weeks ago

    kind of bland, like everyone else, i'm also getting tired of the birds
  • SilkyGardens said 300 weeks ago

    jeez...for the people complaining about birds I'm just glad it doesn't have any skulls!'s a sweet design :) I might consider this.
  • peppersagooddog said 300 weeks ago

    omg! next on teefury....


    hey i might actually get that...
  • Matt-ate-u said 300 weeks ago

    Birds are freaking sweet! Get with the program people!
  • matt2kool said 300 weeks ago

    i do like the birds and i might get this one, but we did have a bird shirt 2 days ago. a little more variety would be nice.
  • jesuschrist said 300 weeks ago

    Birds are awesome! Just so everyone knows we go with the best art we find, just so happens folks love to draw birds ;) We may consider doing bird shirts for a whole month just to torture everyone ;)

    We have 18 Tee Colors for men on the Alstyle - (its a bit limited) - Black, White, Turqoise, Brown, Dark Chocolate, Military Green, Kelly, Red, Crimson, Lt. Blue, Navy, Silver, Charcoal, Sand, Carmel, Heather, Royal Blue, Slate Blue - I think thats all of them ;)

    and for girls we only have 9 colors ;( - so we are a little limited - BUT we have been looking at some other blanks out there so we can have more color options.
  • gelpapi said 300 weeks ago

    I really might consider getting this one! Looks tight!
  • OpenIntro said 300 weeks ago

    I love the trolls who sign on basically just to complain. The more of them there are, shows how the popularity of the site is growing. Like Layne said....people like to draw birds....and skulls....and it just so happens a LOT of people like to buy shirts with birds on them....and skulls....

    I actually really like this design. Sleeping on it (as usual) and will probably procrastinate buy tomorrow :)
  • almondroca said 300 weeks ago

    Generally, the bird designs have been better implemented than the skull ones at least. This has a nice color palette.
  • Jukyn said 300 weeks ago

    Why can the guy's shirt be a different color for once?
  • dootdootmeeep said 300 weeks ago

    too many damn birds
  • elluz911 said 300 weeks ago

    birds..u kno i could get down with the whole flying mammal/reptile thing if they did a twisted spinn off the Poe's the raven or wes craven's movie crows or birds..but really not that moved
  • AlvinPing said 300 weeks ago

    Personally, I liked it much better when it was on red... (and called "Addition" - heh).
  • moral savvy said 300 weeks ago

    Well, to all the people bitching about the birds, I think this is freaking sweet.

    Especially on the white.
  • Shmapty said 300 weeks ago

    Arg, moan, hmmph, boo, you'd think I'm here to buy shirts but it's only to complain about the options, grr, waaaaaaa....

    Layne, keep up the good work! In my oh so humble opinion, I feel you are far more consistent at presenting attractive designs than the majority of tee sites I visit (but maybe I haven't earned my Hipster Tee Purchaser badge yet to know otherwise). Play on, player!
  • Rubenv38 said 300 weeks ago

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