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Pseudo's Daughter


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Sweet design :) -


  • Theo said 300 weeks ago

    weird but awesome

    nice placement, too
  • elluz911 said 300 weeks ago

    im getting this
  • matt2kool said 300 weeks ago

    definitely gettin one. I love J3. I got your first shirt on here and have been waiting for another ever since!
  • Olechka said 300 weeks ago

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    wow, that's definitely different :) Looks like there are several artistic styles in this drawing, which makes sense, since it's a collab. My fav. part is the "hair".
  • porschefreak707 said 300 weeks ago

  • bbsohh said 300 weeks ago

    definite buy
  • IAmTheBorg said 300 weeks ago

    I would really like a pink shirt, but I guess not this one. If I had the cash, definitely. Hopefully, more will be offered in pink!
  • sawbones84 said 300 weeks ago

    Interesting design, but i definitely couldn't pull off wearing it
  • eludingsun said 300 weeks ago

    i really love the design,
    but hate the pink for the shirt.

    i would have bought it was a different colour for the girls.
  • robinzeggblu said 300 weeks ago

    I like the design a LOT but i hate pink so im going to have to pass on this shirt.
  • enjoilax said 300 weeks ago

  • Blanch1000 said 300 weeks ago

    Yeah, this is really awesome. I would buy it in a heartbeat if not for the fact that I know I'm not cool enough to pull it off.
  • lvytn said 300 weeks ago

    hmmm i like the style but something about the composition makes it look off to me. I think its how the machine thing goes back as it goes up instead of coming out.
  • Arrow said 300 weeks ago

    Would really like this as a print!! Is this possible fury?
  • kizat said 300 weeks ago

    hmm... something about the whole loli thing that makes me not want this shirt... But I'm with IAmTheBorg though... More pink please!!
  • YutFree said 300 weeks ago

    This would easily be $24 + shipping elsewhere (non-Woot). I have no idea what this shirt is about, but that's part of the reason I like it. Pretty sure I'd be fired if I wore it to my usually understanding workplace, though.
  • Robsoul said 300 weeks ago

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    "sex? not anymore I'm married" hahaa, ain't that the sad truth of marriage.

    great tee, love the illo, will have to buy this I think.
  • wotto said 300 weeks ago

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    OMFG SOLD, Awesome tee
  • deadhippo said 300 weeks ago

    Is that the kanji for DonkeyKong on the headgear? I like the artistry but the image is kind of disturbing. Looks like a scared semi-naked little girl.
  • vonmonkey said 300 weeks ago

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  • electrifried said 300 weeks ago

    I think its the image placement that's whats wrong with this tee...the illustration is interesting(kinda disturbing too) but on a shirt I dont think the design works as well. Could def see this in some manga though lol.
  • joebarondesign said 300 weeks ago

    it reminds me of an Anna Sui design, but better. it's interesting
  • rodrigomuller said 300 weeks ago

  • spastasticnomadic said 300 weeks ago

    Ever since I received a d'Errico print as a gift from a Vancouver friend I've been a fan. And even though I'm a redhead and look like a sick rotting rat in pink, I have to pick one up. Vanity be damned.

    Beautiful. Add my name to the list that would like this one as a print.
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