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not for me, but I love the "musical tree" shirt at the bottom right. is that available anywhere? -


  • Matt said 301 weeks ago

    Today's tee isn't my style, but I love the music tree there to the right.
  • LovesMonsters said 301 weeks ago

    Not my style :(

    But I must agree, the music tree is great!
    I would love to wear that.
  • cherry said 301 weeks ago

    Yeah, I want the music tree too...
  • joemader said 301 weeks ago

    I would totally buy this if i didn't buy the OTHER t-fury lightning bolt shirt. I do really want a sweet allover print tee. and your use of color is Awesome!

    i thought your i feel the colors shirt said i feel the cholo. LOL
  • YutFree said 301 weeks ago

    For those who like the music shirt, check this one out too: My daughter has this one, and she LOVES it. Looks fabulous on.
  • snarkygal said 301 weeks ago

    The music tree is up for voting on DBH:

  • snarkygal said 301 weeks ago

    oops, I'm wrong. It was up for voting it looks like. Sorry.
  • matt2kool said 301 weeks ago

    For those who like the music shirt, check this one out too:

    I almost bought that one recently, but I like that one ---------------->
    even more!
  • Cmain said 301 weeks ago

    Amazing shirts on the right. I love the "I feel the colors" one. Where can I get it?
  • javalava said 301 weeks ago

    I love the rainbow tree to the right. How can I get one?
  • KidHoliday said 301 weeks ago

    Want: I feel the colors!
  • Theo said 301 weeks ago

    Dbh also printed a lightning bolt design of his.

  • Jessa said 301 weeks ago

    He spelt colour wrong!

    Why oh why do I still want it :P
  • mspaintdotexe said 301 weeks ago

    I want that rainbow tree shirt also!
  • robinzeggblu said 301 weeks ago

    the music tree shirt is pretty awesome, I agree, but this one looks like something the flash would wear and is cool to.
  • mayaka said 301 weeks ago

    Although the other lightening bolt shirts are cool. Who can beat a $9 tee?!! Love this shirt! In for 1.
  • kizat said 301 weeks ago

    I really like this shirt, but I dont think it would look right on me.. :/ I LOVE the music tree shirt to the right, as well... the flash comment is making me consider this shirt for my boyfriend though.......
  • jazzymuri said 301 weeks ago

    I like it, but not enough to buy it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the music tree shirt though....I would buy that in an instant. Good portfolio =D
  • whoo_whoo said 301 weeks ago

    obsessed with the music tree.
    if that was up today I would buy it in a heartbeat.

    your collection is really good...
    but this tee isn't the best one.

    it's cool though.
  • hkward001 said 301 weeks ago

    I want the tree shirt! I love the music notes for leaves on it!
  • eludingsun said 301 weeks ago

    lighting bolt isn't for me...

    but i really love the music tree, it's incredible.

    where might i find that for sale?
  • thefatunicorn said 301 weeks ago

    not a fan of the colors. or the lightning bolt (there's already been one on teefury... and everywhere else)

    LOVE the side ones though.
  • drVox said 301 weeks ago

    am I the only one whose eyes are burning from just trying to look at the shirt? x_x blue on red gives me such a headache.
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