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let tonight's Fury commence.

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  • matthew.harrison.smith said 301 weeks ago

    borg brain?

  • nix said 301 weeks ago

    Nice way of saying the brain is a computer.
    Even though the brain is not known how it works by scientists.
  • binofbread said 301 weeks ago

    Wish the guy's tee was white too!
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 301 weeks ago

    Oh boy, I really love the design work over at the side --->

    I like the shirt, too.
  • heartluce said 301 weeks ago

    Congrats on the print. I'm loving the side art!
  • Arrow said 301 weeks ago

    cool design! Congrats!
  • krage said 301 weeks ago

    Love the hardwired brain idea and also the side art is fantastic! Two thumbs up!
  • moral savvy said 301 weeks ago

    Like the side design more than the brain, not sure I like it enough to buy it.
  • derekfilley said 301 weeks ago

    Joining the 'side art great, circuit brain meow' club.
  • wotto said 301 weeks ago

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    I likey, imple design but it works nice on the tee.
  • peacefulkancer said 301 weeks ago

    As an electrical engineer and a lover of the human mind/body and its intricacies, I don't know why I haven't fallen in love with the shirt. there is something holding me back from this shirt. I think it is clear what it is, but to most people, they won't get it. I guess I have 19 more hours to decide huh? :P
  • AdderXYU said 301 weeks ago

    While it's not for me, I must say this is easily the most appropriate circuitry design I've seen.

    Also, I love love love your SciFiction that ran here a bit ago. It came out amazing.
  • Renae said 301 weeks ago

    I like it, but it's not for me. I have to wait for the shirt I ordered before(my first) to see if it would fit. I think it would look cooler on black and the circuits were a little brighter. I really like the concept. Good job.
  • spastasticnomadic said 301 weeks ago

    I don't think this one would lay right on me, but I'm thinking about picking it up as a gift.

    I do have to say that the SciFiction shirt of yours was one of my first pick-ups here and still one of my favourites. It's a fantastic print.

    Also, your port is amazing. Nice work.
  • Lames42 said 301 weeks ago


    i totally love the blend of technology and biology.
    the earth tones in the men's color highlight that dichotomy.
    my first purchase.
  • csmos said 301 weeks ago

    Great shirt!

    Also a big fan of SciFiction, but I missed out on buying that one. This whole TeeFury "gone forever" bit is no lie apparently.
  • cardinalgoldstein said 301 weeks ago

    My cerebellum says to avoid this shirt, my cerebrum is screaming " buy ! ", and my medulla oblongata is all "meow".

    What to do..... What to do ??
  • jmcclure said 301 weeks ago

    Last minute buy!, great shirt!