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Pergo Tree


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I like it, but I probably won't end up buying it, because I just bought one recently. I really like this one though. It's nice and simple. -


  • JadenKale said 302 weeks ago

    Very interesting idea, Michael. I like the lines. I'm not sure about the wood aspect, but I dig the retro style.
  • stuntman87 said 302 weeks ago

    naw ima pass but congrats
  • jecrt said 302 weeks ago

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    how is this printed? Is it a simulated process print?

    I like your portfolio site - it's one of my favorites.
  • cls62 said 302 weeks ago

    If only it was bigger on the shirt...
  • YutFree said 302 weeks ago

    It's possible some folks don't know what Pergo is, which would make understanding this shirt much easier. :)
  • Arrow said 302 weeks ago

    Cool idea, looks like simulated process would have to be used. I'm not really sure how that works but it mos def has expanded what can be printed on tees.
  • derekfilley said 302 weeks ago

    looks like a bunch of wooden cacti...
  • JediMindTrick said 302 weeks ago

    Shoot! I likes it! Buying in the morn
  • Gouge said 302 weeks ago

  • pacman23 said 302 weeks ago

    nice design!
  • cardinalgoldstein said 302 weeks ago

    Very interesting. I don't think I have a shirt with a wood-like print. hmmm, I might have to grab this one...
  • TurboGraphx16 said 302 weeks ago

    No ... just no.
  • goaldigger said 302 weeks ago

    How COOL is this site... love this design.
  • simplysped said 302 weeks ago

    goaldigger is spam :(
  • tP said 302 weeks ago

    WTF??!! I'll pass.
  • thefatunicorn said 302 weeks ago

    lol @

    very nice tee, unfortunately, it's on white =( the design looks good on white, but I usually find white shirts too see-through

    also, LOVE how I have to log in like five times just to leave a comment. that's a fantastic feature.
  • needcoffee said 302 weeks ago

    "pergo" laminate floors? I guess a more "treeish" tree would fit better, it looks more like a cactus to me.
  • whoo_whoo said 301 weeks ago

    no. too cactusy. too plain. and too bold.
    more branchy and tree-like would have been better.
    then it would be more intricate and pleasing to the eye.

    SORRY! ..not to hurt any feelings!
  • opifan64 said 301 weeks ago

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    This is very cool