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Give Hope. Love Life. Play.


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  • michiganice91 said 302 weeks ago

    Very cool, but not for me
  • CasE said 302 weeks ago

    I like the design, can't see myself wearing it. Good stuff :D
  • JH4285 said 302 weeks ago

    Love it, but I'm bummed that the women's t-shirt only comes in white :(
  • kachi said 302 weeks ago

    Give Hope Love Life Play
    Very cool!!!
  • KidCam said 302 weeks ago

    Awesome shirt!
    might buy one later in the day...still debating it
  • mia3mom said 302 weeks ago

    very cool, layne! I like that the letters look more like a pattern than words. very cool, and what a wonderful charity
  • OpenIntro said 302 weeks ago

    Amazing design Layne! In for 1 for the wife! :)

    Also my new desktop background!

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  • stuntman87 said 302 weeks ago

    wish they had the white for guys.....
  • jesuschrist said 302 weeks ago

    Hey guys - we can run the guys in white if everyone thinks that is better - I just thought I would mix it up - but let me know - if there are a bunch of people who want white then I can run extras and you can make sure you get a white - but if its only 10 or less people then we are going to stick with black. ;)
  • frenetic said 302 weeks ago

    Took a second to see that it was words. I'm in for one.
  • YutFree said 302 weeks ago

    Layne: I'd suggest updating this description:

    "Hey everyone, I created this design as a means of giving back. We will donate $1 of all of today[']s sales..." Technically, that description is saying $1 total from the ENTIRE day's sales will be donated to the charity. Obviously that's not what you mean, but thought it might help to clarify it, as you have done above it on the page.
  • 1stphase said 302 weeks ago

    I'm getting one for sure, going to see how the previous shirt I ordered fits first. Hopefully it'll be in by tomorrow!
  • fftkrazee said 302 weeks ago

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    Very awesome. I'd love a white shirt color for men's!!!!

    Do I wait to see if you open up a white option before ordering?
  • jesuschrist said 302 weeks ago

    Thanks YutFree - updated - does anyone have any good suggestions about getting the word out? I would like to raise enough money to support this girl for a year - which takes $30 per month ($360 total) - its crazy to me to think $360 can take care of this little girl for a year -

    Thanks again everyone for participating today - I know it's cliche but a little bit can go so far.
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 302 weeks ago

    Brilliant! I love this shirt.
  • dunz0 said 302 weeks ago

    i'm more inclined to buy a guys tee if it were white

    and layne, maybe you could also use some of the sales for your future designs every now and then to raise money. and maybe contacting some tshirt blog writers?
  • ForceEight said 302 weeks ago

    i'd get a boatload (or, you know, three) of the men's shirts if they were available in white.

    love the design!
  • gwenith21 said 302 weeks ago

    This is my third purchase. I loved the colors and the design but wasn't sold till I saw the words, then I was like...whoa gotta have it. Very cool. Love the story and spirit behind the shirt. Ill have this one FO eva... Thanks so much
  • kittycavalier64 said 302 weeks ago

    LOVE IT! totally in for one...
  • ubermorph said 302 weeks ago

    Love the design. Didn't see the words until I read the comments, but they sealed the deal.
  • morgan8885 said 302 weeks ago

    I love what it says and I definitely want black. It took me awhile to see the words too.
  • JH4285 said 302 weeks ago

    Hey Layne, does the color switch extend to women too? I would love to get this in black. Any other women out there with me?
  • teefury said 302 weeks ago

    The white option was there a moment ago for guys, what happened to it?!
  • jesuschrist said 302 weeks ago

    ;( Sorry guys, I just tried to do a work around with our system to add a new color real quick and its just not going to work out very well. I wish we could offer black and white for both mens and womens but we already sourced our blanks - sorry guys ;( maybe we can figure out a way to offer different colors in the future.

    Even if 20+ folks wanted a different color our system just is not setup for different color products, so we would have to have everyone email us their request for an oppostite color with their order number then print those emails out and match those order numbers with a white/black tee. Not an impossible feet, but definitely takes us a bit out of the daily rhythm.
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