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Uh-oh! that little Mac doesn't look much like its PC dad, does it? Cute idea. I like your designs over to the right, too, especially the submarine one. :)


  • paulkremer said 303 weeks ago

    Absolutely hilarious! I laughed out loud! :)
  • Puni said 303 weeks ago

    way cool, but, not something I'd spend my money on. My friend might though, I'm going show him this. [:
  • kittycavalier64 said 303 weeks ago

    haha, very nice
  • nix said 303 weeks ago

    Haha. The others on the side should also be printed.
  • MostBestestBuddy said 303 weeks ago

    mac b-uh-rhymes with plastered...
    I like your mu design :)

  • sethowilde said 303 weeks ago

    That's fantastic! I really like your ketchup & tomato design to the right. Your work is good. Keep it up!
  • jesuschrist said 303 weeks ago

    She just couldn't resit the mac ;) But really who can. I made the switch last year and grabbed a shiny 17 inch Mac Book Pro - I will admit the first few months were tough as I had my old Winblows machine pretty dialed in (I still miss Homesite) but I really happy with my MacBook Pro - despite the fact that I recently dropped her on the concrete when I was getting out of my Truck (resulting in a nice dimple in the left front corner) - she is still crunching pixels and code like mad.

    Oh yeah almost forgot - thanks to HTML Purifier we should not be seeing anymore weirdness in the comments anymore.
  • CasE said 303 weeks ago

    Haha that's cute, purchased the shirt :D. #3 in my TeeFury collection, very nice work.
  • jimiyo said 303 weeks ago

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  • howardtheduck said 303 weeks ago

    Just wanted to officially retract my statement about the seemingly gargantuan sizing of the men's large I vented about the other day. What threw me off is that the tag stated that the shirt was "pre-shrunk" which was CLEARLY not the case. This, plus the pics showing the miniscule shrinkage from a washed/dried shirt vs. a new one led me to believe the shirt was going to be huge. It shrunk alot. Like, 2.5 inches in length and about an inch in sleeve-length. So I apologize to anyone that I may have misled, but the shirts WILL shrink, despite what the tag says.
  • ry4nsm1th said 303 weeks ago

    Hahaha. Too bad I'm a PC. :P
  • lithiumconrad said 303 weeks ago

    hahaha this one is great!

    I'm really tempted to get this one. In the morning perhaps...
  • iamvinhamese said 303 weeks ago

    i am a pc at work and mac at home
  • ready said 303 weeks ago

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  • derekfilley said 303 weeks ago

    How... polarizing.
  • Jessa said 303 weeks ago

    I want this one ofc. But too bad I won't be able to wear it til I go back to the US next :(
  • FueledByPez said 303 weeks ago

    Kinda reminds me of the CTRL chasing the ESC shirt they had a day or two ago on uneetee (and elsewhere). Nice design. I'd really love to have that Foosball one.
  • mollib said 303 weeks ago

    Cute!! I looooove the "mu" shirt!!
  • Andy47240 said 303 weeks ago

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    I really like your art style. Very simple and clean and I mean that in a good way.
  • Maikell said 303 weeks ago

    Cool shirt...But I'm really diggin' the tomato bottle drinkin' the tomato to the right...I would LOVE that shirt
  • weflewairplanes said 303 weeks ago

    I can't believe a mac would sleep with that windows key, eww, how many STDs viruses did he get? Once you go mac you never go back?

    I'm a Linux user though, opensource ya'll.
  • blue_likes_tees said 303 weeks ago

    So this is where PC/Mac Universal software came from
  • Nula said 303 weeks ago

    This is very much the same idea as this anothersite shirt:

    Yeah, this one has a techie twist to it, but the general idea has definitely been done before.
  • chickenboo79 said 303 weeks ago

    Cute shirt. Really love the Mu? on the side. I have a PC but mainly work on my Mac.
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