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Looks cool... what does it say/mean? -


  • sterr said 303 weeks ago

    i like the design.. but what does it say/mean?
  • EdiblePwncakes said 303 weeks ago

    Awesome.. what does it say/mean though?
  • KidHoliday said 303 weeks ago

    Diggin this one, looks like I'll be pulling the trigger on this one when I officially wake up in about 6 hours.
  • MJ said 303 weeks ago

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    I'm not really digging the neon green on heather grey- it's a cool design though, I think I would have bought it had the guys shirt used the same colors as the girl version. Or anything not neon maybe :)
  • mia3mom said 303 weeks ago

    not this time, but I love the designs in the sidebar! love the tentacley one and the birds on brown best
  • kjbranchesi said 303 weeks ago

    The color combination is killing this one for me, the bright green and "grainy" grey give it a very dry washed out look. The womans color combination looks awesome though!
  • art dunkel said 303 weeks ago

    awesome! but what does it say/mean?
  • myjestik said 303 weeks ago

    z0mg what does it say/mean?
  • mayaka said 303 weeks ago

    I LOVE this shirt! The best part is that it is only $9! ok well $11 for shipping. But that is still a sweet deal. In for the buy on this one. Great work A.mar.illo!
  • teefury said 303 weeks ago

    Did anyone ask what it says/means yet?
  • blahmcblah said 303 weeks ago

    It's interesting, but what does it say/mean?
  • Lionzfan27 said 303 weeks ago

    Confusing and a bad color choice for the guys shirt...ehh
  • a.mar.illo said 303 weeks ago

    Its a mix of geometric shapes, some with faces, hands, some are buildings, melted together into one big shape.
    It says, hey, I am just a little piece of art:) Good job on the colour choice, teefury:)
  • jay said 303 weeks ago

    oh i get it :)
  • AtopMtOlympus said 303 weeks ago

    "If you were an animal, what kind would you be?

    As most of the animals suffer from human presence, Id prefer being one that takes advantage of it: a seagull maybe?"

    Ha! Werd!
  • Yackabodi said 303 weeks ago

    Great color choice for the guys shirt, the grey background really accentuates the bright green design!
  • hjdttt said 303 weeks ago

    Hmmm. I like what it says. And means.
  • derekfilley said 303 weeks ago

    very difficult to read. You kids and your graffito-cursive.
  • taddict said 303 weeks ago

    don't really get it i suppose but i am one of those people that usually don't get things :D
  • Jessa said 303 weeks ago


    But omg at the times people have asked "what does it say/mean"...
  • Jessa said 303 weeks ago

    Damn, forgot one!
  • Jessa said 303 weeks ago

    Spam but fixing it for the rest of the commenters til Layne gets around to fixing it :P
  • Feathers said 303 weeks ago

    I love the guy shirt. If I had to guess, it probably has something to do with being square.
  • 2thFairy said 303 weeks ago

    wowsers.. major fubar on this comment page.. snowflakes and all!
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