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wow...not feeling this -


  • Puni said 303 weeks ago

    cool, but not for me. [:
  • YutFree said 303 weeks ago

    Not for me
  • paulkremer said 303 weeks ago

    Very artistic! I like the design a lot, but can't see myself wearing this on a shirt.
  • kashmirkat said 303 weeks ago

    Will have to show this to my daughter in the morning - you'd think she has had enoughof the bird tees.... 2 now from here and 2 or 3 from woot.shirt....
  • jesuschrist said 303 weeks ago

    This tee is printed with discharge, which means the graphic is bleached into the tee and has almost no "hand" or in other words you can't feel the print on the tee - it feels like its part of the fabric. Good Work BTW!
  • skyscrapers said 303 weeks ago

    It's about time theres something up that's "For Me"

    Good work! Hope this fits right.
  • Topsiders said 303 weeks ago

    "Tell us the background of this design.
    Inspired by two things I love traditional tatoo art and the swallows so prevelant around my area."

    Sooo...why are there Swallows so prevalent around gir's, ahem, "area"? Is there a bird feeder hanging from her zipper or something?
  • almondroca said 303 weeks ago

    San Juan Capistrano is a beautiful "area" where swallows migrate to during Spring.
  • ocean1009 said 303 weeks ago

    love the batik feel of this :]
  • Cairpre said 303 weeks ago

    I love it, though I might not need another black tee. I'll have to sleep on it, I'm really digging the design.
  • christine said 303 weeks ago

    Love the birds, but it looks like a bunch of dead swallows stuck in cobwebs.
  • paintmeblue719 said 303 weeks ago

    Love the design, but like someone else said, i'm going to have to sleep on it. Its neat, but it dosen't really have any 'oomph' to it.
  • rivetheart said 303 weeks ago

    holy hell this is an awesome thinks i can afford this tasty design for me and my guy :D brilliant and keep it up!!
  • FueledByPez said 303 weeks ago

    Too many bird shirts.
  • Andy47240 said 303 weeks ago

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    I really like it Sasha. I think the discharge print will make it even more interesting.
  • spastasticnomadic said 303 weeks ago

    Hmmm, I didn't think I'd see the day when I would be more tired of birds than skulls.
  • devinmurphy said 303 weeks ago

    Instead, i'd like a shirt with Sasha on it.
  • ls_free said 303 weeks ago

    nice but not for me :(
  • maxhershey said 303 weeks ago

    Sweet design! I'm looking forward to seeing this in person, especially with the discharge printing.
  • Arrow said 303 weeks ago

    swallows in her area, white discharge on the tee.. hahaha funny comments!

    btw: Congrats! I like the design! Do you have any other works?
  • kstein said 303 weeks ago

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    Nice design! Did you use discharge ink on the 'Still a pig' shirt? I received mine the other day and absolutely love it!
  • necrophyte said 303 weeks ago

    It'd be a nice painting... :/