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  • Puni said 304 weeks ago

    maybe! but I want a color other than brown. Heh. XD
    already have a brown one, and I guess, brown doesn't look too great on me.
  • AdderXYU said 304 weeks ago

    I wanted the word "Dumb" featured on this. It'd be controversial.
  • Cmain said 304 weeks ago

    Amazing! Maybe my most favorite on here yet.
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 304 weeks ago

    I like the design and execution very much. Nice balance and subtle, slightly worn look to it. And a bird! ;) This is a good one.
  • ansharp said 304 weeks ago

    I'm usually a fan of collages, but they usually make sense...
  • almondroca said 304 weeks ago

    I feel your pain Cbass99. SoCal has two seasons wet and dry. Your Zapatista design should have been printed long time ago. It's just a matter of time.
  • sethowilde said 304 weeks ago

    I really like this one... and some of the others to the right! Very nice. It's a buy.
  • narkus said 304 weeks ago

    i like this a lot. living in michigan, i love the changes in the seasons. like the depth of the design. hummm? would the wxl make me feel like a micro-waved exploding sausage? been getting the men's
  • nautikal said 304 weeks ago

    Very cool. I might get one just because you like hockey so much :).
  • myjestik said 304 weeks ago

    wow i love this design. my favorite so far as well. too bad i've been spending all my money on gas, even though there is no gas in my city.
  • ry4nsm1th said 304 weeks ago

    Awesome! Would pick it up but the bank account is empty at the moment. :( But to show my support I voted for Goldfinch on DBH, I really like that one and all of your stuff for that matter.
  • homeslice44 said 304 weeks ago

    That's pretty rad, i'm thinking about it... I've never bought a shirt from teefury before, how do they compare to american apparel if i wear a large? oh, and a male.
  • thenewzero said 304 weeks ago

    Yet another 11.70 going onto my card. very nice.

    and Homeslice44, there are a couple forum postings regarding fit and the diff. between AA and the TF blank (alstyle). Generally it seems like you might want to size up. I've kept the same size for both with no complaints (I actually like these better), but that's in a women's size.
  • sdob said 304 weeks ago

    Nice shirt! I'm definitely buying this! And I think the first link you posted under top 5 sources of inspiration is I checked it and it came up blank.
  • jimiyo said 304 weeks ago

    jimiyo's Teefury Badges
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    Awesome textures cbass#1!
  • IAmTheBorg said 304 weeks ago

    Narkus--regarding the WXL, it's a way tighter fit than the Woot WXL. Definite sausage territory for the ladies with more curvitude.

    Great shirt! Love the earth tones.
  • frenetic said 304 weeks ago

    smurf. Too many browns! Screw it.. I will buy it. Very nice artwork.
  • Lionzfan27 said 304 weeks ago

    I love the shirt. I'd buy each print from CBASS99 if I could, great stuff!
  • howardtheduck said 304 weeks ago

    Homeslice, I've gotta completely disagree with 'thenewzero' regarding the sizing. I can't speak on the women's sizing, but if you're a guy and you prefer woot's American Apparel sizing, definitely order a size down here. Teefury's shirts are longer, wider, and have longer, baggier sleeves than the AA shirts. The AA shirts also shrink more than Teefury's. I just got my first purchase in the mail yesterday and am a little shocked at how big the shirt is. This L would be an XL by any other standards. It fits alot like the Hanes Beefy T's, if you're familiar with those at all. Unfortunately I already have another size L on the way, but in the future I'll be ordering Mediums for sure.
  • howardtheduck said 304 weeks ago

    Had I read your post more closely I would have realized that you're not a guy and not buying a men's large. Maybe the women's sizes run smaller than woot's. I haven't the faintest.
  • d00jc0re said 304 weeks ago

    as someone who just moved from iowa to texas in june, i feel that i need to buy this shirt.. i can totally feel you on the description..
  • Arrow said 304 weeks ago

    Really nice works, Congrats!
  • TheBeard said 304 weeks ago

    Anyone want to loan me 11 bucks?

    I feel your pain too, cbass, I live in AZ and there are no seasons here either... cept in Flagstaff, but I don't live there.

    Anyways, if I wasn't broke this would be purchased! Well done, I really really like it. Maybe if my paycheck comes early enough....

    Lets hope!
  • creep_firebombing said 304 weeks ago

    Is there supposed to be a Star Of David in the design?
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