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congrats on gettin it published but not for me -


  • Puni said 304 weeks ago

    I'm going to think about buying this. I think I would have liked another color though.
  • whoatemyboat said 304 weeks ago

    I actually think the finger as the electric line picture on the right pretty cool.
  • nix said 304 weeks ago

    Looks good, not my next buy though.
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 304 weeks ago

    Ha, the all-seeing eye isn't quite so all-seeing, eh? Great statement on the dollar, denial, clarity, the Illuminati, and the economic meltdown as Wall Street shows us so clearly that there are none so blind as those who refuse to see. (Or it could be that they're the ones who see clearly and we're the ones who got the wool pulled over our eyes.) Anyway, I like the shirt. Congratulations on being printed!
  • SGxB said 304 weeks ago

    (((yarrr this my first comment on this site... btw teefury rocks)))
    great design grats on gettin it published, but i dont know if this t-shirt is for me....maybe for dan brown, but not for me.
  • AtopMtOlympus said 304 weeks ago

    I love the idea of this design for sure, but it was not at all obvious to me the eye was wearing an eye patch until I read the text...
  • ambiguus said 304 weeks ago

    Am I the only one who thought that was supposed to be the all seeing Goatse? Great idea, but a little too close, so I'll have to pass.
  • vegantrollop said 304 weeks ago

    Hey Dan. I like this shirt, but it will remind my whiny nieces and nephews of the "creepy eye" on my old Ouija Board. And yes, I can make people levitate with two fingers. It's a gift.

    I did not intend to comment on the supernatural, but to tell you that I would LOVE to have the "LESS IS MORE" design on any color shirt but orange.

    Your work is great. Reminds me of so many of the gifted kids I've taught who used to get in trouble in their "regular classrooms," so when they'd come to their AG class, there would be at least a couple days a week when we had doodle time, or doodle while we're talking time. Doodling's cool. I was a cubist (i.e. could only draw stacks of cubes), but I could fill a whole sheet of notebook paper during French class!

    Anyway, let me know about how I can (or, sadly can't) get your cool "LIM"" shirt.


  • atomicchild said 304 weeks ago

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    Awesome man love it
  • wotto said 304 weeks ago

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    excellent work, as always
  • curb1510 said 304 weeks ago

    WHOATEMYBOAT, I agree with you "Control" should be a t-shirt.
    Finger(s) crossed. Also would love to see "Type" on a tee.

    Congratulations on the print Dan. I love breadth of style in your work. Lovely, lovely, lovely!
  • Arrow said 304 weeks ago

    Nice work! Looks real nice on blue.
  • erayserr said 304 weeks ago

  • Andy47240 said 304 weeks ago

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    Dan, you have a great variety of designs. Almost every piece is completely different from the rest.
  • Chad said 304 weeks ago

    Pretty cool design but not for me.