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Red Swingline Stapler


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Haha! Awesome! -


  • James said 306 weeks ago

    This saddens me that Teefury has to go to outside advertising sources.
  • morgan8885 said 306 weeks ago

    I like the movie and all, but why? :(
  • bigwavedave said 306 weeks ago

    this is the best tee shirt ever. i love the red stapler. "I haven't been paid in six months"
  • octo said 306 weeks ago

    ive got a red swingline stapler :p
    i really hope this is a voluntary thing and that they arent being forced the go to outside sources like this. 9 year 6 months is a really weird date to be celebrating eh?
  • peppersagooddog said 306 weeks ago

    no effing way
  • KidHoliday said 306 weeks ago

    My torso. You pay ME to put an Ad on it.
  • jesuschrist said 306 weeks ago

    Trust me - no outside advertising - they are donating the Office Space Fan Kit - for a grand total contribution of $34 - there is no advertising rev share hootenanny going on. You really think we would "sell out" to the Lumberg this soon? Come on, we have only been going for 45 days.

    to answer the question "why" - I dare you to find a quality red stapler shirt out there - they sadly do not exist. So, here we have something I really wanted. Simple as that ;)

    9 year and 6 month - is a bit tounge in cheek - the movie came out in Feb. 1999 - and my TPS reports were due this evening so this was the best lead in line I could come up with.
  • OpenIntro said 306 weeks ago

    The Dead Bird salutes you Sir Layne....
  • brycedriesenga said 306 weeks ago

    I think there is a great chance of me picking one of these up. Maybe later in the morning, around 10-ish I will check.
  • curb1510 said 306 weeks ago

    Thanks really have covered alot of territory in your short time. I love the variety.
  • jesuschrist said 306 weeks ago

    Ummmm Yeah, if your planning to come in on Saturday to pick one up then maybe we need to speak with the Bobs.
  • EkemaOrJET said 306 weeks ago

    I like it, simple but awesome
  • paintmeblue719 said 306 weeks ago

    I appreciate the art here, but I feel like the whole thing is rather cliched at this point. Like other people said before me, I'd feel like I was advertising. Sorry, good try, but i've got to say this one is a no-go for me.
  • ocean1009 said 306 weeks ago

    I think it feels like advertising to some simply because teefury typically showcases completely original art. But I think it's arguable that it's entered pop culture as a symbol of sorts so that it's not really about the movie anymore.

    Also this is one of the best uses of the red shirt color that's appeared here imo
  • gompers said 306 weeks ago

    Great shirt! I ordered myself one (

    I don't think it’s really advertising anything, although I do kind of agree with it being clichéd. But that’s just the saying (“Um, I believe you have my stapler.”) that’s clichéd, not the graphic itself.
  • IAmTheBorg said 306 weeks ago

    Was this entered in the Woot work derby? Perhaps I'm smoking crack.
  • mollib said 306 weeks ago

    Was this entered in the Woot work derby? Perhaps I'm smoking crack.

    The one submitted for the Derby was similar but different, and rejected.

    I have one of those little-bitty red swinglines at work. I use it all of the time :) This will be perfect for our next server maintenance, when we can actually wear t-shirts.
  • 2thFairy said 306 weeks ago


    You mean you don't know if you are smoking crack? Wow... and I thought that cocaine was "a hell of a drug." heh :)
  • Sweetness said 306 weeks ago

    That's great!!!! Hasn't anyone ever heard of a give-a-way?
    I would have loved to see this on a white blank with red stapler and black writing.
    Still love the design and idea though!
    Way to go Layne!
  • jecrt said 306 weeks ago

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    ANYONE who has seen this movie at least once (hopefully, everyone has seen it many, many more times than that) will associate it with the movie. It's different than the usual TF shirt, but so what. Wait until tomorrow.

    Good call Layne!
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 306 weeks ago

    This shirt is getting mega-love! I really, really like the color.
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 306 weeks ago

    Addendum: as opposed to a red that's are too orange-y, too maroon-y, etc. This one is perfect.
  • thefatunicorn said 306 weeks ago

    Nice vector. But nothing very special. Not to me at least...

    I'de prefer to see something more original.
  • YutFree said 306 weeks ago

    One of my all-time favorite movies because it tells so many truths about the nonsense of the workplace. And it's got lots of hilarious scenes.

    In for 1! This one should sell out pretty easily.
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