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Bird Paisley


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Grats on yet another print, Jimi!


  • Animorganimate said 306 weeks ago

    Nice. I grew up with quails. They make an interesting sound.
  • Animorganimate said 306 weeks ago

    At least, these birds look quailesque to me.
  • 4Sevens said 306 weeks ago

    Very nice, jimiyo. I'd say it's truly a design for the masses. I'm in.
  • YutFree said 306 weeks ago

  • heartluce said 306 weeks ago

    Sweet design, jimi.
  • peppersagooddog said 306 weeks ago

    you sexy beast
  • 2thFairy said 306 weeks ago

    Whoa! Cool... Never seen a Jimiyo quite like it before.
  • octo said 306 weeks ago

    congrats on another print, jimiyo. very cool. im gonna have to think about it after getting 3 shirts over at woot the other day, i might need to take a break.
  • gwenith21 said 306 weeks ago

    Im in, insta-buy, used to live on "quail run drive" in college. This is too clever to pass up. Good Job- and ps- you have my identical favorite movies- weird.

    Thanks for the design!
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 306 weeks ago

    Beautiful birds, beautifully done. Jimiyo, the Jimmy Page (he was already a well-known session guitarist at age 19 before forming Led Zeppelin) of tee design. Rock on.
  • nix said 306 weeks ago

    This is not that good.
  • mia3mom said 306 weeks ago

    more gorgeous work, jimi. this is a fun change from what you've been working on elsewhere.

    I still want to see the viking cats, tho! :)

    congrats on the 3rd print!
  • snarkygal said 306 weeks ago

    This is very different from you Jimi, I like it! Congrats on the print!
  • thesamw1se said 306 weeks ago

    i love the gather ye rosebuds shirt. Reminds me of Dead Poets Society.
  • eyeslikesugar said 306 weeks ago

    Wonderful, Wonderful! I had to order one. =D One of your best, Jimi.
  • kstein said 306 weeks ago

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    Very cool Jimi! Beautiful as always!
  • carlos vigil said 306 weeks ago

    Very awesome design. This is definitely the best artwork I have seen on this site since I discovered it. It even finally convinced me to set up an account. Good job man.
  • atomicchild said 306 weeks ago

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    damn this is amazing
  • Blanch1000 said 306 weeks ago

    Probably won't get one, I've bought too many shirts lately, but damn if it isn't an awesome design. Really cool.
  • lceruleanl said 306 weeks ago

    You are an extremely talented artist. Such amazing designs.

    Crystal Pepsi! Ah...the good ol' days =)
  • Arrow said 306 weeks ago

    Another top quality design. Congrats Jimiyo!
  • streetzscholar said 306 weeks ago

    Second design I've bought off of TeeFury... Thanks. Love the design, love the site. Keep 'em coming!
  • iaviate1 said 306 weeks ago

    This is the fourth shirt I am buying from here, but it's my favorite so far!
  • herky said 306 weeks ago

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    beautiful design!
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