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Quid Vomits Happy


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that's a little creepy. -


  • OpenIntro said 307 weeks ago

    This is weird....see it on
  • daviewin said 307 weeks ago

    that's a little creepy.
  • Spartan A24 said 307 weeks ago

    Looks good. Not my style though.
  • 2thFairy said 307 weeks ago

    Whoa.. freaky!!! kewl........
  • Redbus said 307 weeks ago

    Its really creepy like the pictures on the side but they are very well done.
  • tweetick said 307 weeks ago

    Oooh! Ooooh! I love the "Jack" Marat portrait!
  • octo said 307 weeks ago

    very cool, but what the smurf is it? looks like a mix of patrick star and something from hellraiser with a stoma. lol
  • Olechka said 307 weeks ago

    Olechka's Teefury Badges
    Latest badge unlocked:
    • Arteest
    • Get off my lawn
    Ha! Beautiful. What is a "quid"? Typo?
  • peppersagooddog said 307 weeks ago

    hey props for thinking outside the box.
    really really really ouotside the box.
  • OpenIntro said 307 weeks ago

    the bert and ernie's on the right are...ummm....disturbing....
  • basil said 307 weeks ago

    yes! napkins!
  • nix said 307 weeks ago

    Not a teefury shirt imo.
  • scotishstriker said 307 weeks ago

  • YutFree said 307 weeks ago

    Uh, no. I think I'd vomit every time I looked at it.
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 307 weeks ago

    Quid is a strange beastie, he has blue eyes and a tiny little pecker. Awesome. Wonder what has made him so happy?
  • daftvillain said 307 weeks ago

    Jeez, no one seems to really like this shirt, but I'm loving it. Maybe not quite as much as a lot of stuff on his portfolio site, but I think it's a pretty cool shirt... then again, I'm more into creepy, surreal art. Not to mention, this guy's stuff reminds me a lot of my art, even if his art is a lot nicer and cleaner than mine.

    I would instantly buy it, but I'm not really in the market for a screen printed shirt. Either way, congratulations on a cool print.
  • basil said 307 weeks ago

    you're kidding right? this is genius
  • true_one said 307 weeks ago

    damm this is nice im getting this at 10.00am pacific time need to put money in my credit card i would have preferred a white but considering i bought a guys shirt its way to big for me so i have to cope with sand on a girls large
  • googooww said 307 weeks ago

    I want "Jaques in a Box" on a t-shirt! (see right)
  • Arrow said 307 weeks ago

    For some reason I can't click to see full views on your portfolio work. Crazy illos!
  • ericsdonut said 307 weeks ago

    I agree with googooww the " Jaques in the Box" would be great!
  • curb1510 said 307 weeks ago

    At last, that vommitting potato shirt I've been after for years.
  • jesuschrist said 307 weeks ago

    We are very glad to have Jason - aka "Killer Napkins" - a very young and up and coming artist. We don't anticipate TF to ever really fall in a particular style or vein - the types of artists and art we are seeing is just so diverse. TF is about exploring new artists and making art available on the canvas of a tee. You never know which of these artists is going to make it big and here you have the chance to get one of their original pieces! Thanks everyone for supporting Jason!

  • christine said 307 weeks ago

    disturbing. same for the stuff on the right.
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