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This is the best spot to trade your TeeFury shirts with other TeeFurians!

When you post, it helps to include information like:

- Your email address (so that people who want to trade can contact you)
- Your shirt sizes (including whether they're men's or women's)
- The designs you have, and the designs you want (check the Gallery if you need a link or title)

Once you've completed a successful trade, you might want to make a note of it in the Trade Appreciation Post :)

Note: TeeFury is not involved in or responsible for these trades in any way, so use your best judgement. All trades are at your own risk.

I have two MM shirts for trade:


MM Fire is Catching (Hunger Games) -

MM Donde Esta La Biblioteca (Community) -


Looking to trade for anything else. Particularly like Pokemon, anime, cartoons, superheroes/comics.
Send me an email at [email protected]

Hello all,


I have some shirts from several different grab bags I'm willing to trade or sell.  I have men's M, men's L, men's XL, and women's 3XL.  I am most interested in the same sizes for any trades, but will consider all offers as I frequently give tees as gifts.


**I updated this list with the tees I got for the August and September grab bag and other site grab bags as well!** 


Men's M shirts:

Invader Doom (in gray) -$_12.JPG

Stranger (in navy) -


Men's L shirts:

HM03 Surfwear

Silly Karate 

Fire and Death (from woot!) -
Men's XL shirts:
Someone's Lucky Day (from woot!) -
Women's 3XL shirts:
Please drop me an email if you're interested in any of these: salli303 @ yahoo . com

I am open to all fandoms and interests for trading!  Thanks!  :)

Got our September grab bag but didn't like any of the shirts, so I am looking for a trade.

I have in MM-

HMO3 Surfwear


I also have They Bite and Fight in Black ML

interested in Dr. Who, Anime, Firefly, Star Wars, Superheroes, and Video games.

Contact me at [email protected]


Hi, I have a mens medium Frozen Fantasy in Navy and a womens Medium Some Peanuts UP ther tshirts.  Would exchange for any mens or womens medium that isnt Disney or Dr Who related. 

I am based in the UK so please take this into consideration. 

Email is [email protected]



Hey all! I posted this before and here's my second attempt! I have shirts to trade from the July grab bag! All are new, unworn, unwashed. All of them are in womens medium. I want to trade for the same size but will consider womens small and large andmens small and medium depending on the shirt. The types of shirts I want are: Firefly, Doctor Who (especially Disney/Doctor Who mashups like the princesses), Legend of Zelda/Link, and Nintendo shirts. I will also consider Hayao Miyazaki, Harry Potter, Futurama, Star Wars, video game things and etc. So feel free to throw it out there. I'm not interested in childish or girly shirts though. My email is: [email protected]


These are the shirts I have: - This one is defective however, if you read the comments under the shirt in the link provided, you'll see what's wrong with it. I've tried to contact TeeFury about this and be refunded or sent a non defective one but they have not responded to me at all! It's been over a month or two!


These ones I'm less willing to part with unless you have something good to trade.

Agh this topic board was hard to find!

here's what I Have;

*I will trade for Mens Medium or Large and Womens Medium or Large for any of the shirts below even if they are the same as the shirt you want from me.

Womens Large (3 shirts):

1. grey -
2. blue -
3. Blue - (i can't find the actual shirt on grab bag, but if you look in the picture with all the options its the little caterpillar with the teapot in a pocket)

Mens Large (1 shirt):

1. Black -

email: [email protected]

lives in united states