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This is the best spot to trade your TeeFury shirts with other TeeFurians!

When you post, it helps to include information like:

- Your email address (so that people who want to trade can contact you)
- Your shirt sizes (including whether they're men's or women's)
- The designs you have, and the designs you want (check the Gallery if you need a link or title)

Once you've completed a successful trade, you might want to make a note of it in the Trade Appreciation Post :)

Note: TeeFury is not involved in or responsible for these trades in any way, so use your best judgement. All trades are at your own risk.
Have the following from recent grab bags up for trade. Men's Large - New - Unwashed - Unworn

Boys in Gray (in light blue)-
9th of Hearts (in black) -
The Time Job -
Turtle Pool Party -

Looking to trade for MLs. I'm open to many shirts, but the ones I definitely want are:
The Puppet Paradox -
Wizard Battle -
Donkey Puft -
Come Along on an Adventure -
Go Cyberman -
Vintage Link -
Run Away Run Away -
The Doctor & Friends -
I'm a Giddy Goat -
1 Shell 2 Shell -
Late Night Moss -
Dope Adventures -
Hey Mister, Mister -

Email me at [email protected], if interested. Thanks.
I have from a past grab bag all in M en's 3XL - New - Unwashed - Unworn:

Kessel 500 - Blue -
Kessel 500 - Brown -
Mario Kombat II - Purple -

Looking to trade for other MXXXL.

Things interested in: Firefly, Star Wars, Pocket Monster Shirts, Girl Who Waited Shirt, Evil Dead, Narfvader in silver only.

I like a lot so just ask if you have something. I'll answer quickly. Also willing to sell above shirts.

e-mail is [email protected]
I have these two in women's medium:
Worlds Greatest Delinquent (black):
First! (dark navy blue):

They are unwashed and unworn.

Looking to trade for any of these in women's medium:
Space Western:
Moving Circus:
Kaiju Sake:
A Heroes Journey:
Bounty Hunter S. Thompson:
Studio Kitty:

e-mail is [email protected]
Hello! I have a few shirts from grab bags.

MM(Brown) -

MM(Black) -

ML(Blue) -

I'm mainly looking to trade for other shirts in Men's Medium. Just email me and maybe we can work something out!

[email protected]
Hello! I have two tees in a women's large that I'm looking to trade for either a women's large or a men's medium
Here's what I have:

I'm preferably looking for any Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Simpsons, Breaking Bad, Dr. Who (9th of hearts/ Brave) but if you really want the above shirts I'm open to negotiation :)

Please email me at [email protected]