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This is the best place to talk about Feedback for TeeFury. Also, if you have any questions about the brand or what's happening in the future, this is the place to post them! We check this forum very frequently and know that a lot of people have Customer Service questions. That being said, here are some quick tips that can help in answering some very common questions:


PAGE LAST UPDATED: 9/30th 8:15am PST 
NOTE: Once a ticket is submitted, PLEASE make sure to check, and respond to the ticket through our site. Direct E-mail responses are NOT received.

Here's our currently most asked customer questions and answers:

Q: When is my order going to ship?

Daily tees ship within 3-7 business days (does not include weekends or holidays) of the original purchase date. If the order includes a gallery tee, your order can take longer to ship because gallery tees can become back ordered.
We're currently shipping:
DAILY TEES: September 19th
GALLERY TEES From: September 19th - 25th (some gallery tee's may be back ordered and slightly delayed)
MISC: September 19th

Q: How do I know if my shirt will fit?

A: Before you order you should always check our sizing chart to make sure our shirts will fit you. We have noticed that our women's shirts tend to run on the small side so ordering a size up might be best. Check out our size chart here.

Q: No seriously, Where IS MY SHIRT?

A: If you have your order number, AND your email address you can check the status of your order through the site at the bottom of the page under "Track my order". If you're still having issues with the delivery of the package please contact us through our contact page (here).

Q: When should I send a ticket about a problem?

A: If it's been MORE than 7 business days since your order was placed OR if you received an incorrect or damaged product then please send create a ticket. Sending a ticket too early can slow down the whole process and most questions are resolved before a customer service rep even sees them. Also, sending us a direct email doesn't always come through properly. The best way to get in touch with us is by our ticket system through our Contact Us page.

Q: What happens if I contacted you about editing my order, but now it's shipped without the change?

A: Whenever we're backed up with our responses, we understand that there's time sensitive emails that are not being reached in time. However, if an email was sent the day an order was placed we will either provide a replacement or issue a refund (depending on availability).

Q: I wrote an Email days ago, why haven't I been answered?

A: We now do not access our previously used email service account. All inquiries will NOT be received. An auto reply email is immediately sent out directing to our Contact Us page to place a ticket. 

Q: Why does my tracking number not work?

A: It's possible that the status of your order was changed prematurely to shipped when it has yet to leave our facility. The tracking number received is correct however, will not update until the order has actually been shipped. We are working on getting this issue corrected as quickly as possible.

Q: What's up with all of the glitches on the site?

A: If part of the site is down/ not working/ receiving an error try closing out your browser and re-opening the site. We also suggest to trying to use the site through a different browser (if possible). After all that, if the site is still acting like a gremlin, it most likely will be back up within 30 minutes.

Currently answering tickets from September 23rd - September 25th. Our current turn around for tickets is about 5 business days (not including weekends & holidays). Please keep in mind that creating duplicate tickets will slow down the process further. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

please, if you want to do some business make sure that you can do it properly...can somebody tell me what happened to my order 103221757?

-TeeFury Staff
As mentioned on the forum, we're currently experiencing an extremely high volume of emails. We apologize that's gotten in the way of a speedy response from us. Thank you for the order number. A CS rep has contacted you about the order.

I seem to be having similar issues to others who ordered the first of September. I ordered a short the night if September 1st and it still says processing when I check the status online. Clearly something is wring because the money was taken off of my credit card. I would very much like to have the short but not if it's going to take another month almost. My order number is 103199116.

Thank you

-TeeFury Staff
Thank you for your patience while we get out any delayed orders. One of our service team members has contacted you about your order.

I have placed an order on september 7th and i received an email saying my mechandise was shipped on the 17th of september and when i click on the tracking number for my order it says "NOT FOUND" and it has been like that for 7 days already and starting to wonder where is my shippment i would really like to know the problem that is going on and i would like to find out if there is something you guys can do about my problem. 



-TeeFury Staff
I'm so sorry for the delay on your order and any confusion this has caused. One of our CS reps has gotten in touch with you including more information on the order.

I need to return my tshirt before the 60 days is up. It is ever so small and need a bigger size have sent out a ticket on the 15th september and had aj auto response. Followed all instructions on the packaging and that was wrong. All I want to do is change the size of the tee.Ticket referenc: #1017480

-TeeFury Staff

I apologize for the delay. We are experiencing an extremely high volume of emails at the moment however, one of our CS representatives have gotten in touch with you about a return. 

I ordered my shirt back at the beginning of shows that it was shipped but when I noticed the shipping date it shows 5/09/14.  Um that would mean that my shirt shipped over four months ago. 

I was hoping to wear my shirt soon, could you please find out what is going on?

Thanks much!

-TeeFury Staff
There have been several delays and I apologize it's affected your order. A CS rep has contacted you with more detailed info on your order. 

I placed an order on 09/02/2014 and it  has been in the processing phase ever since I would like to know what the issue is seeing as how you have charged my account and taken my money. My order number is 103202377

-TeeFury Staff
I'm so sorry for the inconvenience on your order. I'm seeing that a CS representative contacted you yesterday about the order and issued a refund for the delay. 

I am having the exact same problem as Ed Kaiser, I ordered a shirt on July 30th, received a shipping notification on August 11th with a tracking number that gives an "unavailable" message, I still do not have the shirt, and both of my messages to your customer service department have gone unanswered. This is ridiculous, guys. I just want the shirt I ordered. Please, for everyones sake, get your stuff together and act like you're running a legitimate business. It would be greatly appreciated.

Order # 103102190

Shipment # 100008909

-TeeFury Staff
We're so sorry for the delay, There was some issues we were having with UPS and I apologize that affected your order. =( one of our CS reps has contacted you for further information on your order.

Please refer back to my post from earlier today. i received an email from customer service but do not see the ticket listed in my account and the link in the email still does not work.

So unfortunately, I can't reply directly to the ticket, and don't know if sending a reply email will work.

Can you please go ahead and process the full refund? That design was really the only one I was interested in.

Thank you

-TeeFury Staff
Thanks for letting me know. I had the rep issue the rest of the refund to you. I'm thinking you might be having trouble accessing the ticket if you currently do not have a profile under the same email address. Hopefully that might be able to help you if you need any help in the future. If for some reason you're still having issues you can let us know here. 

I ordered a shirt for my daughter on July 23, 2014. when it was finally shipped about two weeks after ordering, y'all shipped it to the wrong address. I was told that it would return to ypu and ship to the correct address. That was a month ago. No one responds to my messages. There is no contact phone number. Make this right. She wants her shirt. 

-TeeFury Staff

I'm so sorry you haven't received your tee and I apologize for the confusion. I guarantee we wouldn't edit or tamper any addresses from what was entered originally when the order was placed, unless requested to do so by our customer. If a request to have an address corrected (if not originally entered correctly) wasn't placed before the order was shipped, any reshipping fee's would be the responsibility of the customer. However, as a one time exception our returns department waived this fee since the order was originally delayed.

I was able to see that a customer service rep did try to get in touch with you on September 4th. The returned package which was reshipped on August 27th and delivered on September 2nd by USPS. Here's the tracking number for your convenience (92789999984707513004673600)

Unfortunately if you have not received the package you would need to contact the USPS to open an inquiry for the order as they would have been responsible for the final delivery. I would recommend contacting your local post office directly (rather than the 1-800 number) to discuss the package as its possible there was some problem with delivery and the package is being held or sent back to us.

I apologize for the inconvenience.  If you find out any new information from USPS please let the representative know that's been helping you through our ticket system.