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rss 23 weeks ago
Hello! I was wondering if people are still interested in Cowboy Bebop. I noticed there are not many Cowboy Bebop T-shirt designs and attempted to create one of my own. I'm very new to this (i don't even have a drawing tablet) so my skills at coloring/drawing on a computer are very limited. I was wondering if I could receive some feedback on this design I made, that would be wonderful! I already tried to summit it to teefury but it was not accepted, but I expected that. Unfortunately I wouldn't expect them to give critiques considering how many designs they must recieve in the first place, so your critique would be extremely appreciated!

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    23 weeks ago
    This has the makings of a decent design!

    But in it's current form, it's not ready.

    I reckon your best bet is to download a vector-based program (Inkscape is free and open source, CorelDraw and Illustrator are paid but easily available from the "usual" places).

    Import your sketch in, straighten it up, then trace over half of it, mirror then then work back in to get the shadows. Keep and eye on making the corners nice and sharp and creating lines with the minimum number of points/nodes, so they're not wibbly.

    I think it would look better going more diagonally across the shirt - so it breaks up the symmetry a little bit more. Also you can do some cool things with the thrust and smoke

    And the text is dull - find some "Kinetic Typography" videos on Youtube and get a bit more inspired!

    Learning new software is easy (don't be afraid of forums and Youtube videos), and the skills you learn in one package set you up for the next one. Good luck, have fun!
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    23 weeks ago
    Wow! Thank you very much for your feedback! I was afraid I was just going to be ignored so thank you very much!
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    20 weeks ago

    Updated image! Any new feedback?
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    18 weeks ago

    New Updated image! Any new feedback?

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