I have an idea I'm finally trying to make on my computer, but I'm running into problems as I read other people's concerns on the forum.

How do I make an image both 640x800 pixels and 12" by 16".

What photoshop do people recommend? I'm using Gimp at the moment, but I wouldn't mind trying something else if it works better.

CMYK? I didn't even know that was a thing.

There's probably more, but these are the things I can think of.

Thank you very much!

P.S. Oh I almost forgot, halftones? How would I go about doing that?
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    24 weeks ago
    I'm not the best qualified person to answer ALL of these, but the ones I can:
    The finished, hi-res (print-ready) image cannot be larger than 12x16". 300dpi recommended. The 640x800 is the limit for a low-res preview (which is the version to be first evaluated). That's the one you send in (with suggested shirt color as the background).

    The GIMP is pretty good. I also hear good things about Paint.net, though I haven't tried it myself. I use Photoshop CS5 and like it pretty well, though I'd prefer the Corel suite if. I had it. Obviously there are certain channels to go through if one wants paid software for free. Not that I recommend that or anything.

    CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and blacK. They are the four colors of printing ink that are combined to make, well, every other printed color (like RGB, only for paper).

    I'm not that great with halftones myself (Photoshop is really, really bad for them), so no advice there. You can download free halftone patterns to apply to your images (Google it), and that's a good place to start experimenting.
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    24 weeks ago
    If you're after free software for tee designing, I'd recommend Inkscape. It works with vectors - which give really clean lines. If you're not looking to invest silly money (or taking the less-legit route of downloading and cracking), Inkscape and Gimp can certainly produce stuff of printable quality. I'd certainly recommend giving them a go.

    In terms of workflows, it's each to his/her own really - personally, I'll roughly draw out a design in Photoshop/with pencil and paper, trace and put down block colours in Illustrator, before exporting layers back into Photoshop for halftoning things - although I typically use it for shades and highlights, which it can manage a little better.

    Good luck!
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    14 weeks ago
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