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rss 25 weeks ago
I figure we should have one place where people can trade shirts after the last grab bag, and didn't see one. Trade away!
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    25 weeks ago
    Already posted on the other Trading Post, but it can't hurt to post here!

    I have ML: Argyle Fighters dark gray:
    And ML: Fortune and Glory in brown:

    Looking for Pokemon, Studio Ghibli, or Doctor Who depending on the design. I'd also take the "We're All Mad Here" shirt.

    [email protected]
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    24 weeks ago
    Up for trade:


    Hands of Fate -

    Mt. Awesome -


    Damn Fine Coffee -

    X-Agents -

    Willing to trade for pretty much any design, make us an offer. Would be willing to also trade for MXXL and WXL, WXXL - email offers to billnjoey @


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    24 weeks ago
    Hiya I have a WL grumpycat eating a poptart to trade, would love a pokemon tee or something firefly/starwars in return but am open to suggestions. cheers
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    23 weeks ago
    If anyone has a Men's Small or Woman's Large, or even a Woman's XL of she's got science *please* let me know-I'd love to give it a good home :D
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    22 weeks ago
    For German Trades check the ShirtGroup on Facebook
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    22 weeks ago
    For trade!

    WXL in brown of this

    Looking to trade for anything harry potter, hunger games, totoro, meowth, doctor who/Disney mash up or doctor who/futurama mash up. (or any combo of the above haha)

    I live in Canada, and I'm willing to ship wherever if you are!

    email: lasagnashoe[at]

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