Hello again. I'm prepping a new design and I'd like to work through it here with the help of the Teefury community.

The first part will be the pencil concept mock-up. With this one I'm concerned about only a couple of things.

1. Is the concept coming through clearly

2. Is the concept interesting enough for someone to even consider buying.

3. Is there anything that could be changed in the composition to make it work better (moving something around, deleting something, adding something etc.)

Here's the image.

When I move to the inking phase there will be another set of questions.

Thanks in advance one and all.
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    26 weeks ago
    Okay, here's the next phase. The inking. This is where I'm most worried about things falling apart. I'd like people's opinion on the cleanliness of the line work and if it still needs dramatic improvement.


    I made yoda a bit smaller and shifted placements slightly. Those things can still be changed so I'd like opinions on that as well. So here's the simplified version.

    1. How's my line? What's working and what isn't? Could you see Teefury or another shirt site declining this for too much inconsistency in the line work.

    2. Now that you see a bit more block in and ink, is there anything you think could be shifted around in the composition?

    Thanks again in advance.
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    26 weeks ago
    I think the outline around Yoda is a little too thick. Also, the placement of the broomstick is a little awkward--at first glance, it looks like Yoda only has one arm, and a broomstick in place of the second.

    Concept-wise, I'm not sure how well the rebel logo works with the castle background...size-wise, they compete too much. I feel like it should be smaller, perhaps kind of like the dark mark in the sky...but in that case, it should maybe be the imperial logo instead?
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    26 weeks ago
    Hmmmmm I like that idea actually. I've adjusted a couple of things but I like the idea of using the imperial logo instead.

    I'll keep the line thickness on the outside in mind. I've gotten mixed reactions on it.
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    25 weeks ago
    Okay, we've got another version to share. I still need to halftone and clean up a couple of things but I'd like some thoughts on where this one is going.


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