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rss 27 weeks ago
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I would love to hear everyone's thoughts and suggestions on this piece I did designed to look like stained glass based off of the world of Harry Potter.

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    26 weeks ago
    I like the stained glass approach but if I were a screen printer this would scare me to death. I'm not sure, but it seems like there are too many colors and a tad too much detail to actually print effectively.

    It's absolutely gorgeous but the only immediate thing I'm iffy on is the red square on the owl's belly. Perhaps eliminate and unify some colors on the sides (the reds and violet's seem arbitrarily placed). If you want this printed you might have to try Redbubble or Society 6 since they use a different printing approach.
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    26 weeks ago
    Yes, I'll agree with aaronradney. TeeFury has a limit of 6 colors in a design, so you'd have to scale WAY back and get really creative with halftones. If you could do that and simplify the leading in the panes a bit it would work quite well for a shirt.

    The way it is now, though, I'd love to have a poster of it! I really like the way you went with books and creatures and such instead of the usual wands and wizards - a nice fresh take on the theme.
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    25 weeks ago
    Thank you for the feedback! I have a more simplified version, but I'm unsure if the integrity of the piece is maintained when it is reduced. If only Teefury offered posters too. I do have a poster version for sale on Redbubble if anyone is interested as well as some more of my work. I'll keep adjusting it, but for now I always appreciate feedback on the artwork in general.

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