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rss 28 weeks ago
Hello, I would love some genuine feedback on the following:

It is an homage to Norman Rockwell's "Daydreaming Bookkeeper" and the superb "Human Nature/ Family of Blood" Who story.

I submitted Friday and got a very quick "declined" response (which is great that I wasn't left hanging!).

The question is, what am I missing? Since this is just a hobby for me, I would like to see if it's something I want to put more work into or leave it to the professionals...

I thought maybe Copyright issues, but I've seen several TARDIS prints on the site (I've bought more than a few) that have the full text on the police box.

The shirt is five colors for sure, but maybe the halftones aren't uniform enough?

This is not one of those "my design is awesome, my Mom told me so, why won't you print it" threads. I really would appreciate a starting point to improve if I can...

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    28 weeks ago
    Hey BadEye,

    I really like your concept here, I think my first thoughts are similar to yours about copyright and maybe the halftones are not defined well enough but for us it is really just speculation.

    I remember reading in another thread about art work submission that it is ok to reply back to Teefury about why your design wasn't selected. Who knows, it could be something as simple as they have been bombarded with a lot of Dr.Who designs lately and maybe its more of a try again later deal. :)

    If anything, they might be able to steer you in the right direction and in the meantime, write them back a polite response asking for constructive criticism and just keep on designing, you have some solid looking work here. :)
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    28 weeks ago
    Hi BadEye,

    I don't see any problem artistically with this piece. It is a beautiful and skilfully done pastiche of a Rockwell that demonstrates an understanding of the subject and the style.

    Not being selected by TeeFury is not failure. It's quite possible that it is either not understood or that Norman Rockwell is not considered mainstream enough or they just don't like it or some other reason.

    From a T-shirt business point of view I would suggest you fill in the thru color portions of the design, where it makes sense to do so, so that you can offer it on a few different colors of shirt. I presume the coarse halftoning is merely due to the preview size we see it here and that it is a finer size at the correct scale. It being the case, I do not see that being a problem.

    My advice would be to submit it elsewhere, pop it on red bubble or society 6 and move on to the next piece. There are many great designs that never appear on TeeFury. With your skill, you don't need to try harder. Just keep producing and submitting work to the usual suspects on the shirt a day circuit. Success will come.
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    28 weeks ago
    Thanks to you both for the feedback, I do appreciate it.

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    27 weeks ago
    I have never watched Doctor Who so can't really comment on that side of the art. I did however just want to say that I love the style of this. The image is extremely well done and very classic. I would love to see something like this printed here so please keep creating and submitting! :)

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