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rss 28 weeks ago
This is the place to request things you'd like to see at TeeFury!

Here are the ground rules:
- Posts should be about what you WANT to see, not about what you don't like and not about criticizing other people's ideas.

- Don't post images. Write out what you'd like to see instead.

- Don't request your own art. Even if someone is requesting something similar to your art, DO NOT post it. This is a place for ideas, not self-promotion.

- Have fun!
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    28 weeks ago
    I'd love to see more Eighth Doctor-Centric art. Especially shirts that reflect his Expanded Universe Adventures (Which make him the Doctor with the most stories, by the way), with a focus on his Big Finish Adventures. A Zagreus shirt could be awesome. Or a shirt with the logo for the Church of Serendipity (Whoops Be Praised).

    (Also, shouldn't this thread say 2014?)
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    28 weeks ago
    I would like to see (buy!):

    Gurren Lagann
    Fairy Tail
    Game of Thrones
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    28 weeks ago
    Gravity Falls

    Indiana Jones
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    28 weeks ago
    Supernatural (Tracey Gurney did this awesome Art Nouveau designs Percy Jackson/Heroes Of Olympus
    Cornetto Trilogy
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    28 weeks ago
    Zombies (Any theme type)

    Dragons (Dungeons and Dragons)

    Stargate SG-1

    .hack//sign (this probably hasn't been requested yet as a lot of people don't know of this; it was a 1 season anime)

    Mortal Kombat (not the battle arena, but more specifically individual characters or character contrast type of thing)

    Dragon Ball Z/GT

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