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rss 18 weeks ago
Long time lurker, first time buyer. Had my eye on some of the Pokemon T's for a while now and I want too get a few.

In my checkout I have the Eevee top "dark side of the moon" that is $18 and P&P is $4

My questions are, will this be converted too UK money so, I won't pay £22 pounds, I'll pay £13.39 and will I be charged extra when the tshirt gets here? Also, if I order tomorrow (11/12/2013) what are the chances it will get here by christmas?

Thank you!
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    17 weeks ago
    If the total comes to less than £15 when converted inc P&P then there's no charge, so buying any individual t-shirt is generally fine. I wouldn't recommend buying more than one though unless they're grab bag prices.

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