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rss 34 weeks ago
The title says it - it would be nice if you guys started offering tall shirt sizes. I'm a medium tall really, but I have to go with a looser-fitting large to get the length I need. Your shirts actually fit better than most in that respect, but it would still be nice to have that option for use taller folk. I figured, since you guys are open to expanding your line to kids, then going further into tall wouldn't be much of a stretch.
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    34 weeks ago
    I concur with this man. I too would either like to see Tall sizes (I usually wear a 3XLT) or a 4XL option. I am a fat man who really wants to buy shirts from this site :(
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    32 weeks ago
    I completely agree! I am torn between a female small that I seriously spend all day pulling down or a medium that is awkwardly baggy ... and still too short.
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    25 weeks ago
    I second this, I would buy many more t-shirts if this was an option. 2XL shirts are too short and 3XL shirts are way too baggy.
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    23 weeks ago
    Yeah, I agree. I shop for my boyfriend sometimes and he's almost 2 meters long but really thin. If it werent for his hight he'd be getting medium..

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