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rss 36 weeks ago
Hello !
I submitted a design 2 weeks ago, and it was rejected...

So I wanted to know if you guys could give me a honest review ! Is it to girly ? To weird ? Is the quality too bad, should I improve drawing before proposing a new design ? (or whatever will come to your mind)

Here's the "beast" :

(in 6 colors + 1 color for background/tee)

Thanks in advance !
(and sorry for my lame english, I'm french)
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    36 weeks ago
    Well first off for me, I don't really get the reference. I know it has something to do with Pokemon but other than that I have no idea. Are you sure it is six colors? I counted at least 7 (shades of a color are still different colors) but I could have counted wrong if that was done with half toning (I'm on my phone so it's hard to pick up every minute detail)

    Did they give you any feedback when they rejected it? Also if you don't mind can you take a look at a few of mine and let me know your thoughts? They have been submitted over the past few weeks and I have not heard anything yet. There are a few forum posts I have made in the last few days.
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    35 weeks ago
    Well it's last generation pokemons (exept from Espeon) so maybe most people don't know them :(
    And yes it's 6 colors with half toning ^^

    Unfortunately they didn't give me any feedback, that's why I posted here...
    I'll have a look at your art :)

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