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rss 23 weeks ago
Just submitted a new design (I have been creating a lot lately). This one is a MashedPotato of battlestar galactica and starbucks coffee. Let me know what you think!

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    23 weeks ago
    Oh I almost forgot, I also submitted a Hunger Games/District 9 MashedPotato

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    22 weeks ago
    Hello ! For your 1st design, I don't know these references well enough to give you a comment, the only thing I could say is that the design is ok but not extraordinary either... + I don't remember well but I think I've already seen these kind of designs a few times...
    For the Hunger Games/District 9 crossover, I think the quality of the shading is too low, 1st you can see all the dithering, it's not very smooth, and 2nd your shading is not very realistic, I does not give the feeling it's a metal medal, you should have a look to real medals to make your drawing more realistic, it would be great then ^^
    Hope my comment helped !

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