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rss 38 weeks ago
Hello! Just added my first submission, and had some questions

Some concerns I had:
How do I know if my submission went through, are there confirmation e-mail's because I never got one? I also forgot to mention that I wanted multiple colors as an option, so not sure where to say that...

Not sure if this is kept under wraps, but does anyone know how many submissions are sent in and how many are accepted roughly? Also if accepted, do t-shirts get posted immediately after being accepted, or does it take a couple of months.
  • image zipper
    38 weeks ago
    Hi gracektay :)

    There is not a confirmation email, but TeeFury will send an email to notify you when a decision is made on the design and it is either accepted or rejected.

    TeeFury's art director will determine the best color options for accepted designs, so you don't need to worry about that.

    Once TeeFury decides to accept and print a design, the artist is notified via email. At that point, they get information on how to upload their high resolution art file and will receive a brief set of interview questions from TeeFury's curator. TeeFury tends to work ahead, so it can be a month or so from when a design is accepted to when it is printed (times vary).

    You can find more information in the TeeFury Design Guidelines post :)

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