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rss 38 weeks ago
I've been uploading a few designs to Teefury and they are all getting rejected, even on other sites and I never know if it's the design itself or not following the guidelines.

I make a new image on photoshop, 640 x 800 pixels, put the colour I would want the shirt to be and then place the image on top. Save it under 500kb as a JPEG and then submit.

They are always 5/6 colours.

Most of the designs I've submitted are here so you can see what they look like (they are submitted without the watermarks.)

Anything I've not done.
  • image zipper
    38 weeks ago
    LooneyCart- I've edited your post to remove links to another store. Please don't post links to other stores on TeeFury.

    In general, I'd recommend reading the design guidelines post to learn more about what TeeFury's art director is looking for :)
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    38 weeks ago
    I'm in the same boat. My goal is to try and get something posted by year's end. With Halloween coming my time is running out. I checked out some of your stuff and it looks good. My advice is to keep at it. I figure they will eventually post something you've created. Good luck!
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    37 weeks ago
    Sometimes it's not about the quality of the art but the theme it's designed around.

    It's a business and if no one thinks there is a market for Teen Titans then they aren't going to use one of their 365 spots for a design with no demand. (look on the bright side, now that several daily sites no longer print one tee per day, your odds are better than ever to be selected.)

    But by the same token, if you do a theme like Dr Who your design has to set itself apart from the massive amounts of submissions they receive. They can't sell Dr Who tees everyday regardless of how much the designs rake in. (but it won't stop them from trying.)

    Another thing you have to factor in is timing. For example with the new Hunger Games movie coming out there is surely an influx of submissions centered around that theme. The competition is greater; may the odds be ever less in your favor.

    Your best bet is not to ride the coat tails of popular trends like 60's Batman logos or monochromatic landscapes cut out in the shape of silhouettes of licensed IPs. Again they probably see a ton of these type of designs so the odds of getting printed is less likely if everyone and their mom submit one.

    Don't give up, it will happen eventually. You just have to find the perfect blend of concept, execution and theme.

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