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rss 28 weeks ago
Quick question for you guys. So I got the "anyone want a peanut" shirt a few weeks ago and just decided to wear it today. Got a size large and they thing is huge. I compared it to older teefury shirts and the sleeves and length are about an inch or 2 bigger, basically looks like I'm wearing a size to big.

Just wondering if this was a change for all shirts and I should start buying Mediums or its just this shirt.
  • image zipper
    28 weeks ago
    There can be minor variations, but if your shirt isn't close to the size we're showing on our size chart, please email [email protected]
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    27 weeks ago
    I too noticed a change in the t shirt size with my most recent men's large order when I threw it on. I held it up against some older shirts and it was significantly bigger. I'm gonna try for the hot wash hot dry shrink ray method and hope for the best as I have another on the way.
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    27 weeks ago
    Always hoping that one day I'll visit this site and see that women's XS has been added to their sizes. Since they go up to XL3, it seems unfair that the smaller women are being ignored. There are child sizes now, but they aren't fitted nor are they as long. I just have an oddly fitting belly shirt now. . .

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