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rss 41 weeks ago
This one is fairly simple, I've taken the conventional DW logo and updated it to recognize the 50th anniversary. I have a couple of questions:
1-Should I include the years or not?
2-Is it to simple? If so, what should I use to spruce it up?

Version 01

Version 02
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    41 weeks ago
    I like the one with the dates a bit better. I would suggest tho that rounding the lower right corner of the '5' a bit to match the other corner might tighten it up a bit-it looks a little off to me, like it's almost an 'S', IMO.
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    40 weeks ago
    I think its really good, although maybe some silhouettes, possibly a sonic, bowtie, umbrella, celery, fez etc laced in the backgorund, would look quite cool :)
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    40 weeks ago
    Neat idea!
    Looks almost...too official? Too bad they don't do too many logo type thingies...
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    39 weeks ago
    I like it, the one with the years is pretty awesome.

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