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Hi There,

Are we able to submit designs that include Glow in the Dark elements? Or was that just for a very special occasion?

If so, are we able to get some guidelines for Glow in the Dark use. Is there only one colour of ink (and if so what is the code for that colour in photoshop)? Can you make any ink colour glow? can you have two identical (or near enough) shades of ink so that one will glow and the other doesnt so the glowy part comes as a surprise?

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    27 weeks ago
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    27 weeks ago
    Glow in the dark shouldn't be any problem.

    there is no code for that in PS, it's an additional layer of luminescent ink than can be printed on top of other colours. works best on lighter colours (as they reflect the light emitted rather than absorbing it).

    treat it as an extra layer that'll only appear in the dark, just be aware that it takes at least one of your print colours and will be invisible in broad daylight.

    TF had some amazing glow in the dark prints throughout the years, but since it might cost a little more, they only choose very special designs for that

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