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rss 44 weeks ago
Hi guys! I just submitted my first design on here but it didn't make it in. I was bummed but not giving up yet! Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe my lines aren't good enough or maybe the minions are being used to much recently? Not sure but looking for help.

Check it out:
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    44 weeks ago
    Hi there!

    Short answer about minions is yes - wayyy overdone. But obviously people are still buying them, so I guess they may be around for a little longer...

    Don't get bummed about a design not getting picked - there are loads of designs submitted every day by very good artists, so the chances of getting a design picked on your first attempt is very low! This is a nice idea, and other than thickening up strokes and adding shades and highlights, there's not a huge amount you could do to improve it.

    My general advice would be to sub a design and move onto the next, and make sure you learn and improve with each one you do.
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    44 weeks ago
    Feeling better about it! Thanks a bunch :) Moving on to the next one now!

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